Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Twilight stars talked to Entertainment Tonight’s Thea Andrews who gets them to open up about their off-screen love lives.

Taylor also comments to Thea on rumors that he could have been replaced by another actor in "New Moon," while Rob tells Thea how he feels about the onscreen love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella.

Amid rumors that he is romantically involved with cast-mate Nikki Reed (again), Rob is also said to be trying to get closer to "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart.If you can believe the latest tabloid reports, that is, which are often notoriously wrong.

Kristen, has had a long standing boyfriend and repeatedly said she’s not interested in Rob romantically. Kristen's boyfriend, Michael Angarano has largely remained in the shadows, but the two have been together since she was 15. But there were reports today (Apr. 23) that Kristen had broken up with Michael after catching him cheating.

Nikki reportedly had a late-night rendezvous with Rob in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 29, while filming the "Twilight" sequel. The next day she flew home to Los Angeles, only to return to the set to find Rob directing his amorous affections toward Kristen and flirting with other girls on the set.

Rob and Kristen have a definite on-screen chemistry, and both share a love for music. Does Kristen, however, have other attributes that Rob seems to favor? And is there a chance now that they may get together?

When it comes to type, Rob says he doesn't especially have one. "I don't have a 'type," he told Elle Japan in a video interview earlier this year. "I like it when people aren't afraid to express themselves in what they wear or how they behave. It's annoying when people are afraid to be themselves."

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