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100 monkeys

from twilightblog:
NYLON Magazine just had a short interview with Jackson Rathbone which revealed some pretty cool things about this young man. Wearing brown leather cowboy boots with hints yellow paint Jackson created an aura all his own.

In high school Jackson fell in love acting when got a shot at the spotlight instead of helping make the stage for someone else to be in the spotlight. "When I started being onstage, I fell in love with it," Jackson said. Jackson showed enthusiasm and couldn't say enough about his band, 100 Monkeys.
the rest of the article and more pictures of 100 monkeys from twifans, after the jump!

"We call it the Monkey House," he joked. "We all play all the instruments. We call it the Monkey Switcharoo." He also commented on his Twilight cast mates: "Kristen and Rob are both very musically inclined, so we would have jam sessions. It was like the Cullen Family Band."

With the grand piano sitting there in the lobby near the NYLON reporter and Jackson, Jackson couldn't help but play a tune as the grand piano seemed to call out to all that passed. But it was Jackson played an actual song much the delight of all present.


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more gaga


heres a collection of the guys...lots of repeat pitures...but there's something for us all...=) read more...

good girls go bad

Find more videos like this on Twifans
source: twifans

yay for cobra starship too =P

the robcrotch


olpatlanta An ode the greatest part of Robert Pattinson's Body... The RobCrotch™ read more...

stephenie meyer

stephenie meyer photoshoot from LLL:

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team harry potter vs team twilight

from us:
Daniel Radcliffe: Robert Pattinson Is a Better Sex Symbol
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says ladies are better off lusting after Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

"Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He's got the height," Radcliffe, 19, told Thursday at the NYC premiere of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. "If girls like short and nerdy, then I'm a sex symbol!"
click below to read an insightful (though i dont agree) look at the harry potter/twilight "battle" for the teenage audience from the wall street journal

Harry Potter and the Rival Teen Franchise
With a new movie hitting theaters, the young wizard faces some new nemeses: the cooler, more sophisticated vampire kids of the ‘Twilight’ series. Inside the battle for the teenage audience.


Alicia Penner, a 13-year-old from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, read the “Harry Potter” books 57 times. She watched the “Harry Potter” movies. Then last fall, a friend lent her the teen vampire book series “Twilight”—and she was hooked. The “Harry Potter” poster that used to hang on her bedroom wall has been replaced by the “Twilight” poster she got for her 13th birthday.

As a new “Harry Potter” movie opens next week, the bespectacled wizard faces a new challenge: how to compete for the attention of a young audience that has been growing up—and is starting to prefer the angsty teen romances and cooler, edgier characters of the “Twilight” books and movies.

The film moves directly into the territory where “Twilight” now rules. The sixth “Potter” movie, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” has a distinctly more grown-up tone than its predecessors and features a strong romantic plotline.

The movie’s timing may have helped its vampire rival. Last year Warner Bros. delayed the release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” to fill a hole in its summer-2009 schedule. Hollywood studio Summit Entertainment wasted no time pushing its teen vampire picture “Twilight” into the vacant November slot. The film, adapted from the best-selling book series about an epic love story between a vampire who looks 17 years old and a normal teenage girl, became an overnight success, grossing more than $382 million world-wide on a shoestring budget of $37 million.

Hollywood marketing executives say that these days the “Twilight” franchise has influenced almost every studio marketing campaign that targets teenage girls. Some posters for the upcoming “Potter” film echo “Twilight”’s emphasis on romance. One features Harry and his crush, Ginny, gazing longingly into each others’ eyes, in a pose reminiscent of “Twilight”’s now-iconic image of its star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward. Another shows Harry’s friend Ron with his girlfriend Lavender, while a jealous Hermione scowls in the background.

Warner Bros. and the team behind “Potter” say they didn’t take the “Twilight” franchise into account when designing their marketing materials for “The Half-Blood Prince.” Instead, they crafted a campaign aimed to resonate with previous “Potter” films, the executives and filmmakers say, dismissing the notion that there is a rivalry between the franchises among fans.

“With all due respect to “Twilight,” the longevity and world-wide success of the Harry Potter franchise speaks for itself,” a studio representative said.

The previous five “Potter” films have grossed almost $4.5 billion in world-wide box-office revenue, making the franchise one of the biggest in history. J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books have sold more than 400 million copies world-wide, compared with 53 million for Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. But after 10 years on the New York Times best-seller list, the “Potter” books fell off the children’s-series list last May, and since then have returned only intermittently. Meanwhile, the “Twilight” books have spent 100 weeks on the chart.

Both David Yates, who directed “The Half-Blood Prince,” and David Heyman, the franchise’s longtime producer, say they’ve never seen “Twilight,” and say they deliberately avoided thinking about other franchises when making the “Potter“series. “We live in a bit of a bubble,” said Mr. Heyman, who read the first “Potter” book before it was published in 1997 and immediately had Warner Bros. option the rights. Mr. Yates, who will also direct the final two installments, adds: “J.K. Rowling has given us such a rich and dynamic world that I can’t really look over my shoulder and worry about other teen stories.”

Warner Bros. says the “Potter” movies have become more grown-up in order to follow the narrative of the books and to appeal to an audience that’s getting older. Nearly a decade has elapsed since the “Potter” producers cast an 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe in the pivotal role of Harry. “As the characters and storylines of the Harry Potter films have matured, our marketing materials have followed suit,” says a studio representative. (A 2006 survey found that the average age kids started reading the series was 9 and that nearly 60% of kids aged 9 to 11 had read it.)

The new “Harry Potter” film, which opens July 15, focuses heavily on the romantic entanglements that mark the entry into adulthood, and features some dark moments—including the death of a major character—that make it more sophisticated than some of the previous movies. The film begins with Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, when he discovers an old book of potions marked as property of a mysterious “Half-Blood Prince.” Harry delves into that book and, through a series of flashbacks, learns more about the past of his nemesis Lord Voldemort.

Meanwhile, he and his classmates are also caught up in matters of the heart. There’s frequent talk of “snogging,” as Lavender celebrates Ron’s victory in a quidditch game with a kiss that sends a jealous Hermione into a rage, and Harry sees Ginny kissing another boy.

“There is a much stronger romantic strand in this film than in earlier movies,” says Mr. Yates. “The characters have reached that point in their lives where their hormones are starting to fly and they are exploring sexuality and discovering the opposite sex.”

For its part, Summit Entertainment, the studio behind “Twilight,” says it has been careful to steer clear of the commercial juggernaut that “Potter” has become, especially because its “Twilight” fan base overlaps with the “Potter” audience. The studio says that its strategy has been to avoid releasing any “Twilight” material too close to big release dates for “Harry Potter.”

“It’s the only franchise that we ever pay attention to,” says Rob Friedman, chief executive and co-chairman of Summit Entertainment. “We are very cognizant of where they are, and we’ve always been wary of being in too close proximity to ‘Harry Potter’ because we know our fans cross over so much, and we definitely don’t want to compete with ‘Harry’ for attention.”

Haami Nyangibo, a 13-year-old girl from London, says that after years of reading “Harry Potter” she has come to find the “Twilight” books “far more relatable. They just engage in a more realistic way. A lot of my friends have gone off ‘Harry Potter’ and are onto ‘Twilight,’ ” she says.

For many girls, the appeal of “Twilight” lies in Edward Cullen, the gorgeous vampire who fights his own biological destiny to fall in love with Bella Swan, a human girl.

Robert Pattinson, the 23-year-old British heartthrob with unkempt hair and bedroom eyes who plays Cullen in the “Twilight” movies, has added to Edward’s mystique. Mr. Pattinson also has a history with the “Harry Potter” franchise: He played Harry’s onetime rival, Cedric Diggory, in the past two “Potter” movies.

Summit will release the “Twilight” sequel, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” on Nov. 20, the same time of year it released the first “Twilight” in 2008. The first trailer for the $50 million film prominently features action-packed werewolf sequences, which could appeal to male fans. While teen girls seemed to be the target audience of the first “Twilight” film, Summit says 40% of its audience was male, with most of those viewers under 25.

Tabloids have continued to stoke interest in the series, with weekly photos and stories chronicling a possible real-life romance between Ms. Stewart and Mr. Pattinson, as they shoot romantic scenes for upcoming sequels in locales like the small Tuscan city of Volterra, Italy. (A representative for Ms. Stewart declined to comment; a representative for Mr. Pattinson couldn’t be reached.)

Jeff Gomez, president of Starlight Runner Entertainment and a producer who has consulted on some top franchises, such as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, says “Twilight’s” focus on romance means it could overtake “Potter” as the wand-wielding “Potterheads” grow up and into more sophisticated films. “I have a lot of confidence in ‘Harry Potter,’” he says, “and it has a narrative momentum that carries its core audience along.” But he says even a series as established as “Harry Potter” can be threatened by a franchise like “Twilight,” which has exploded so quickly and attracted such ravenous fans.

“Twilight” isn’t toppling “Harry Potter” quite yet. The franchise remains a global phenomenon, and advance online ticket sales suggest the film could top previous installments.

Ms. Penner says she has moved on from Harry, however. Recently, she came across her old “Harry Potter” poster while cleaning her room. “I saw it in the closet but by then ‘Twilight’ had come along, and I thought, ‘Who cares?’ ” she says. “Nobody really believes you can have magic, but some people believe you can find the perfect guy.”

Write to Lauren A. E. Schuker at

yeacob and i are avid harry potter fans and obviously twilight fans as well, i believe you can love both and that it's not a "battle." people are always drawn to what is new and fresh in their minds, hence twilights recent success. the question will be if twilight can sustain the popularity that harry potter has obviously been able to do.

if it was a battle, maybe not specifically with me, but i do believe that harry potter would win. yes, twilight fan are crazy, but they (we) are a specific subset of the population. we are also a very fickle subset of the population. harry potter has the ability to attract everyone, and let's face it, harry potter is well written and twilight is not. the harry potter camp has nothing to worry about. it isn't a competition, it's entertainment, and i'm not angry that either franchise exists. that's just my 2 cents...=)



from NMM:
Here’s a little something for the wolf gals out there: a new photo of some members of the New Moon wolf pack. From left to right we have Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz.

unofficial music

from NMM:
How’s this for an odd one? Someone has composed an entire unofficial orchestral score for New Moon, replete with tracks like “Riding on Motorcycles with Werewolves”, “Cliff Diving” and “The Volturi”.

From the audio previews, it sounds like it’s actually a pretty decent, accomplished piece. Listen for yourself at itunes.

UPDATE: It’s also available for cheaper ($7) at
der? genre: christian & gospel? check out a separate fanmade song by hana pestle after the jump.


sleep deprived

i need to sleep...happy dreams!

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kellan and ashley kissing

from the set of warrior, kellan and ashley's new movie...hmm... read more...

and more kellan

kellan at the moods of norway flagship store launch in bev hills yesterday from jjj

also, click on tmz to see why kellan is a soccer mom... read more...

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world of twilight

from the examiner:

Move over Twilight totes- here comes Twilight: The video game

First, there were tote bags, pins and t-shirts. Then, both a life-sized cutout of Edward and a mini, pocket sized doll were developed for the Twilight franchise.

But the latest venture spurred by the Twilight phenomenon comes, not as a money-making scheme, but a labor of love. College senior Brandon Gardner, a Game Software Development major at Westwood College online, is creating Twilight: the video game.

Brandon is not associated with Summit or any gaming company, but is designing the game under the guise of Brainjunk Studios. He serves as both Game Director and Lead Programmer for the volunteer-based project.

Before you dismiss the idea of a Twilight-themed video game, read on. Brandon’s passion is infectious; he’s dedicated to making an immersive, obsessive online-based game true to Stephenie Meyer’s vision. So true, in fact, that his plans include the involvement of Twilight, New Moon, and the unpublished fan favorite, Midnight Sun.

Video Game Brainstorm

Can you describe the game concept?
One extremely big feature that I'm going with is an open non-linear world revolved around Forks. I like the idea of letting plays explore around the world, and discover new amazing things that are not even covered in the book or the movie. One really extremely crucial feature in the game engine that was licensed for the game is unlimited world streaming, and this feature allows for the game to go in an open non-linear direction. The game will being closely based to both Twilight and Midnight Sun allowing the player to play, and experience the story from either Bella's or Edward's perspective. I'm highly thinking of including New Moon into the project as well. I really think it’s important to allow players to experience being human, vampire, or phasing into a werewolf.

Which characters will be integrated into the game?
All the characters that are present in both the movie and books will be present in the game. It's important to maintain Stephenie's vision and creativity in the game, and I just don't think it would be right to remove any characters from the game.

What systems are you designing it for- Xbox, Wii, both, or will it be more of a handheld game, ie. Nintendo DS?
I can't answer this question at this time. It really will be up to Summit Entertainment on which systems they would like the game developed for. Even though I am turning over the game free of charge to Summit I would be more than glad to work on ensuring that the game is released on different platforms, and utilizes the strengths of each particular platform.

Brandon’s Twilight Background

What was your favorite part of the movie and/or book?
My favorite part of the movie has to be where Bella tells Edwards that she knows he is a vampire. My most favorite part of the Twilight book is the part where Bella is almost crushed by the van, but is saved by Edward. That really is one of the most pivotal points in the book to me.

Who is your favorite character and why? Will that character make a more dominant showing?
My favorite character in both the movie and book is Bella. I just couldn't stop reading Twilight, and I was eager to see what direction that Stephenie was going to take the character in. I just couldn't stop reading the books, and when I finally finished one book I quickly rushed to the store to get the next book in the series. I have to say that Breaking Dawn is my most favorite book to. It's like the whole saga was like an incredible addiction that constantly needed to be satisfied while reading through all four books. I really feel that Stephenie Meyer is an incredible author.

The Lexicon recently interviewed Brandon as well, who provided this insight:

One question that I want to explore in the game is what do the Cullens do in their free time such as hobbies, collections, and other things that they do? When you don’t have to sleep at night, and you are immortal what kind of things would you do with your free time?

I'm hoping to provide a place where fans can live out their dreams about Twilight, and being able to learn more about the Twilight universe. There are so many things that are not explored in the movie or book that I think the game should be able to provide. My number one goal though is exceeding the expectations of fans everyone, and to add more depth to the great universe that Stephenie Meyer has provided for all of us.

The Lexicon also posted a poll asking readers if they would prefer that the original Twilight cast voice the video game characters or leave the voicing to unknowns. Over 5,600 have answered the poll, which is open through July 10. You can cast your vote HERE. The map below shows the percentages of answers broken down by state.

Brandon says that there is no release date set for the game to trade hands to Summit, so stay tuned for the latest updates:

Blizzard Entertainment is known for releasing polished high quality games. That is a standard that I apply to my games and onto myself. The number one people that I am accountable to are the fans of Twilight, and I will not let any of them down.

twilight mags

beckett / film fantasy
click links for interior scans!


source: hollywood crush

source: hollywood crush

jackson rathbone

from twitter:
spankransom I see this and I think: "Rob who?"

unrelated to the pictures, but from metal underground:

Thesyre Vocalist Comments On Lords Of Chaos Movie
posted Jul 4 2009 at 2:23 AM by xFiruath.

Vocalist Eric Syre of Canadian metallers Thesyre has issued the following statement about the upcoming movie based on the Lords of Chaos book:

"A few people contacted me recently, inquiring about my feelings on the forthcoming Lords Of Chaos movie.

"Being a long-time Burzum enthusiast, a supporter of Varg Vikernes, after being slightly involved in and its following online community (filosofem), as well as appearing on the only 'official' tribute album I guess my two cents meant something to someone.

"Whatever, here's my take of the phenomenon:

"The book this movie is based on was, to begin with, a huge pile of crap. Most of its content is built around interviews excerpts, more than often put out of context and focusing mainly on shocking topics without giving it any additional background.

"The very reason why this book was published was, I guess, to capitalize on the booming phenomenon that was Black Metal at the time. The autors sensed there was something to exploit and, knowing Michael Moynihan's links to the underground, figured the idea sounded lucrative in some ways. It surely was a good idea as a lot of people bought the book (surely expecting a lot more out of it, as I did myself back then). The book stirred some controversy in the Black Metal scene, helped to fracture even more the pro-con-Varg clans and all in all failed to serve as a fitting document on what really happened in Norway in the early 90s. I've read a few chapters of it last week and I still think it's a sensationalist book with little relevance today. Seems like some producers think differently...

"The movie, whatever its producers might say in press releases, will fail at shedding more light on the events it relies on. According to producer Stuart Pollok, the movie (to be directed by Sion Sono) is slated to be a teen film and a psychological horror movie. This is what triggers my fears. What are they looking to achieve with such a movie? If they're aiming at making a new Twilight out of it, turning it into a teenfest based on the evil Varg rebelling against society and being portrayed as a lovely but angry rebel with a cause, we're in for an invasion of all stores by raving teens ready to buy any merch produced to promote the movie. I doubt this will happen. My fears are directed at an eventual success of the movie that will only bring back those events on the surface and that a lot of people will use them to discredit what Black Metal used to be about. All of a sudden, so-called specialists will pop-out and comment the whole thing like if they knew everyone involved personally. We might even see reports basing themselves on the book and still pile-up more lies on the whole thing. My fears are that people will just concentrate on the shocking nature of the events and forget to dig deeper in the matter and try to understand what motivated the young musicians of Norway to go to such ideological extremes... None of this will be done.

"What should be done about Norwegian Black Metal is a lengthy, aptly funded and well planned documentary focusing on hard facts and featuring in-depth interviews with the musicans directly involved in the events. We've seen a few of those and, for me, most of them failed to reach the very core of what Black Metal is/was at the time. I'd like to think that the producers behind the 'Until the light takes us' documentary will be able to acheive this (but I still have doubts).

"Understanding Black Metal: This is not a phenomenon you can investigate while strolling the streets of a urban area. It's not about interviewing priests who will only see a way to fight back and attract public compassion. It's not about interviewing kids who'll desperately look for free media exposure for their silly corpse-painted bands. It's not about trying to make a sensationalistic, fast-selling novel out of it...

"Trying to document what Black Metal was/is/will be is trying to expose the very core of mankind's rottenness and expecting people to understand that this overwhelming darkness can be used as a constructive force, based on the idea that when all is black you can see the stars much more easily. The public cannot grasp this concept. A book cannot do it and a movie can't even hope achieving it.

"Maybe shat should be done about the history of Black Metal is: nothing!

"All we'll ever get is pure, senseless entertainment.

"Mankind likes to be entertained, not educated."

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wet rob

it was nice knowing you ladies and unicorns...

source: us weekly
"They threw a bucket of water on him!" a source on set tells Us of his wet T-shirt look. "He was willing to do anything. Didn't complain at all."
i have died...RIP jocose...

EDIT: scans after the b.r.e.a.k.

omeomy: wow....just sure jocose is a puddle of sweat right about now. oh rob, we'll take you wet, dry, dirty or clean as long as you wear that vest all package-gy and lean. hmmmm!

from twitter:
RobPattzNews Here we go! Us Weekly Issue pics - Thanks! @christinagan

from robsessed (click for more):


source: tiffanytemple

bandslam (take 2)

a few months ago there were rumors that the first new moon trailer would be shown before bandslam...this time it seems pretty legit...

source: twilighseriestheories

2nd new moon trailer: aug 14th...who's in?


making light of the recent robsten rumors, robsessed has made this connection:

same shirt! they MUST be dating...get ready for some roblan =P read more...

franchise whore

self-professed franchise whore, jamie campbell bower, at the harry potter premiere in london yesterday!

pictures from NMM and contact music

suit up!

the hotness that is pierce brosnan finally joins rob on the set of remember me...

more pictures from socialite life: here and here

nestle vs coke

doesn't really matter what he's it bad to be so jealous of an inanimate object? =\ read more...

old shoes

from shunews:


Kristen Stewart, best known for her role as Bella Swan in Twilight, is currently portraying U.S rock legend Joan Jett in up and coming movie ‘The Runaways.’

The 19-year-old actress was thrilled to receive a pair of Joan Jett’s old shoes and has worn them throughout the shooting of the film in an attempt to look like the raven-haired musician.

These shoes were actually worn by the ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ performer; Kristen believes that by wearing them it will add the films authenticity.

It seems the Twilight actress is so attached to Joan Jett’s shoes that she even sports them when she’s not filming, now that’s the kind of love for shoes we like to hear about, even if it is someone’s old pair!

It’s not only the shoes that have helped Kristen play the role but she admits to listening to a lot of her music to inspire her, as well as having a complete re-style and dying her hair jet black.

so much kellan

kellan seems to be in the celeb news a lot lately:

pictures from twilight blog (southhampton on july 4th), LLL and NMM (open campus launch party), and an interview with twist magazine after the break!

Kellan Lutz dishes on NM, Eclipse and BD!

Hey TWIST girls!

Kellan Lutz opened up about the upcoming Twilight movies! He talks about his favorite scene in New Moon, one of his first memories getting recognized by fans and more!

On filming New Moon:
"I'm done with New Moon. It was really easy to work on with [Director] Chris Weitz. It all starts with the director, and he really moves the tempo with shooting. And he's just so mellow and relaxed that it trickled down to the crew. And they were really prepared and it trickled down to the actors, who were really comfortable. And since Twilight was really accepted by the fans, it really allowed us to feel comfortable in our shoes."

On what to look forward to in NM:
"Something to really look forward to is Jackson Rathbone's scene when he's playing Jasper, and Bella cuts her finger at her birthday party. He really loses himself there. He really transformed himself and got there, so it was really cool to see. And I think the fans will really like to see that and be surprised with how fierce he looked and got."

On continuing to play Emmett:
"Emmett has quite a larger role with Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn, so I'm really excited to shoot Eclipse coming up soon and then hopefully Breaking Dawn!

On encountering fans:
"As far as the fans, I guess nothing too bizarre [has happened]. The conventions are always on lockdown, and at the publicity events, we have security. But when I'm in LA and I'm walking around -- I was driving one day, leaving my neighborhood and this car pulled up right next to me and they started screaming out their window! They told me to roll the window down, and I'm like 'What the heck is going on?' And I roll my window down and it's "Emmett!" Just screaming! And I'm like, 'Oh, that's why!' I forgot and this was right after we were done shooting [Twilight], so I really didn't know the hype for the movie. Or that fans had so much love for it! So when that happened, I was just realy taken back."

Tell TWIST, what do you think about Kellan - do you love him or hate him? Comment now!


Photo credit: Courtesy of Startraks

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patriarch figure

from the sunday paper:

Peter Facinelli

The Quick Q&A (Full Interview)

Peter Facinelli—aka vampire doctor Carlisle Cullen—appears at Twi/Tour, a three-day “Twilight” convention on Friday, July 10 at the Westin Buckhead.

We know “Twilight” fans can get pretty batty. Any close encounters?

They save all that for Rob Pattinson! My character is more of a patriarch figure, and the fans have been very respectful. I’m pretty easygoing and I stop and take a lot of pictures with them. Sometimes I find the more you try to run away from it, the harder it is. For Rob, it’s very overwhelming. For me, it’s the right amount. The perfect amount.

Are there any scenes from the books that you hope make it into the films?

For “New Moon,” there’s a scene with Bella (Kristin Stewart) where I stitch her up. I was excited to shoot that scene because it was a pivotal scene. It kind of sets up the whole reason why Rob’s character doesn’t want to change her into a vampire. I hope it stays in the movie because I feel like it’s essential and it’s a really nice scene for Carlisle and Bella; it’s an intimate thing. It’s a scene where a lot of information is being given and it shows another side of Carlisle, a soft side of him that I like. I’d be bummed if that was out.

Ever run into a fake Peter Facinelli on Twitter?

There’s a Peter Faceinelli that just came onboard. He has 14 followers. The guy can’t even spell my name right, so he is obviously not me, but for some reason those 14 people think he is.

Have you ever been as rabid a fan of something as these “Twilight” fans are?

No. I’ve got to hand it to Twilight fans. [A] guy flew from Denver for an autograph signing; I don’t think there’s anyone that I would get on an airplane and fly to get an autograph from. That’s a diehard fan, and I’m very humbled. That’s why I try to go out of my way when I see fans to give back.

How do you deal with the paparazzi?

They’re going to take the picture anyway, so I tend to stop and wave and then keep going on my way. I try to remind myself it’s a picture in a paper, it’s going run and it’s going to be gone. It sucks if you’ve been on an airplane for six hours and you’re tired and you look like junk and they want to shove a camera in your face, it’s annoying in that respect, but I try to take it all with a grain of salt and move forward.

Do you see much of the cities you travel to for conventions?

It’s usually a quick trip, but you get the sense of the towns through the people. I’m excited to visit Atlanta; I’ve never been. I’m looking forward to meeting the people there. [Conventions are] great because a lot of people live far from L.A .and New York, and it’s fun to spread it out all over. As cast members, we’ve gotten to go and visit some really great places.

Do you like burgers? If so, you’ve got to check out the Vortex while you’re here.

Yeah, I love burgers. We’ll go to the Vortex. You’ll have to take me there.

—Alison Abbey

twilight baseball

from the casting scoop:
"Twilight" Cast Hits a Home Run for Make-A-Wish

Members of the cast of "Twilight," including Peter Facinelli, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Michael Welch and Christian Serratos--as well as Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon of "New Moon"--made a great showing today at PGE Park in Portland for the Twilight FanTrips Vampire Baseball Event, benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Guests also included members of the local cast, including Solomon Trimble, Ayanna Berkshire, Trish Egan, Sean McGrath, Gavin Bristol, Catherine Grimme, Logan Welch and Tyler Nordby; crew members such as Bruce Lawson, Chris "Chalky" Chalk, Dan Gorczyca and others.
see more pictures here and at twilightpoison, fan experiences from vampirewiretours and twilight lexicon, video of alex meraz from twilightblog and NMM...and peter and edi's fight at twilightblog!

kaycob: damn alex is so hot in that video! stupid imprinting is going to ruin my life even more. read more...

hire fans

from twitter:
kstew411 Why are the fanmade posters always so much better than the actual one-sheets? Summit should just hire fans. read more...

elizabeth reaser

source: LLL

aww...little kstew

from radaronline:
Twilight’s Kristen Stewart was chosen by her elementary school as a "Future Star" and has the exclusive photos to prove it.

Way back in 1998 and 1999, long before she was Bella, Kristen was a student at Pinecrest School in Woodland Hills, CA where a former classmate of hers told us she was "quiet and shy." Kristen was also in the advanced classes in second and third grade.

Kristen's acting career began when an agent saw her at a concert in second grade in 1998 and has an exclusive photo from that holiday performance. An avid soccer and basketball player, Kristen was only at the school for a few years, and her friend told us "Kristen wasn't the most outgoing person in the class, but she had a few friends. She spent a lot of time hanging out with her brother, who was a few years older but went to the same school."

Kristen doesn't have the luxurious locks she had in Twilight, or the rocker girl cut she's sporting now in The Runaways, but she did have the cute little girl grin that we're sure made Edward swoon.

team jacob

source: examiner

i'll give taylor some love too...but why is his shirt open? lol...

why is he even wearing a shirt?

disco stick

from youtube:
Song: Lovegame - LadyGaGa
Program: Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro
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manic monday

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headset and mic

from youtube:
FP1131 Because let's face it Robert Pattinson looks hot wearing a headset or holding a mic ;) The ending is cut a bit short sorry about that. Music: Bran Van 3000 Astounded
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from J-14:
Q&A with Twilight's Justin Chon

14 caught up with Justin Chon who plays Eric Yorkie in The Twilight Saga movies -- and he spilled about awkward moments with Kristen Stewart, being stalked by paparazzi, and the musical cast of Twilight!

J-14: In Twilight, did you draw from your own high school experience to flirt with Bella Swan in the cafeteria?
Justin Chon: Of course. As an actor you're always trying to draw from real stuff to make it real, but I would say in acting terms, you use like substitutions and you think back to the moment. I just tried to make him as awkward as possible and just overly excited about everything.

J-14: What was it like flirting with Kristen Stewart?
Justin: Her character is just really awkward. So you put two really awkward people together and it's just a really funny thing to see them try and have a fluid conversation.

J-14: What was your reaction to all of the paparazzi at the airport when you landed in Vancouver?
Justin: The paparazzi were a total surprise. I think there's a picture of me with my mouth open. It's really pretty funny because I just had no idea what was going on. And I asked Anna [Kendrick], "Wait are they taking pictures of us?" We just had no idea and then we realized they were taking pictures of us and we were just like, "Whoa!"

J-14: You're a musician -- and so are Rob Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, and Nikki Reed... what was it like working with such a musical cast?
Justin: It's kind of weird because everyone is like, "Oh yeah! I play guitar!" And then for me, I just didn't even tell anybody. I was just like, "Yeah, I guess everyone plays the guitar so maybe I shouldn't say anything because it doesn't make me special."

80's twilight

from NMM

one of the comments:
bean... I neeeeeeed iiiittt!
I would see River as more of a Jasper myself.... Kiefer as James is perfect.... Didn't like Elizabeth Shue as Bella (maybe better as Rosalie) but loved the idea of Jennifer Grey...

Keanu Reeves would have been a good 80s Jacob... We could have had Molly Ringwald as Victoria with her red hair... How about Michael J Fox as Mike Newton? ... Kevin Bacon as James...

Gah, I heart the '80s!! :D

rob hug

another oldie but goodie...

try to only watch this once...=P impossible!

rob in spanish

twilight poison has translated an old interview of rob from a spanish magazine, los 40 principales, in february:
“A year ago I couldn’t get a date. Now the world has gone backwards. I can have any 14 year old that I want.” says the British actor Robert Pattinson, who has become overnight, the new It Boy thanks to his character Edward Cullen.

Move over Zac efron… Have you met the High School Musical star?
We met at an awards show. He’s the new face of success. But he’s all the opposite of what I thought he would be. He’s so honest and down to earth. You’d think he’s so prepared for the press, but he’s not.
scans here

What do fans say about you when they meet you in person?
They are increadibly opinionated. They have very clear ideas as to how I should live my life. Who knew 15 years old could be so moralistic?

Is it true that you did castings for vampire characters before?
Yes, I did an audition for True Blood, but that didn’t work out. I didn’t think I would get the role of Edward Cullen either, because the character is very enigmatic. I didn’t want to play the biggest vampire stereotype, so I tried to humanize him.

When you got the role a lot of fans were very angry….
They didn’t want me. They sent me hate messages and the Internet was full of comments. They said I looked like a bum.

Do you understand why Edward appeals so much to young girls?
No, I don’t get why people like this character in such an obsessive level. The fact that he’s so polite and opens doors for girls, all that. I don’t get why teenagers like this stuff.

Did you get along with Kristen Stewart?
In the beginning I thought: “She’s so serious, so I have to be very serious too”. And I went on without talking to her for like two weeks. She must have thought I was stuck up. I only spoke to her about the movie, other movies, books, serious stuff. But I felt like an idiot. I dropped the act and we got along great.

It’s been said on numerous occasions that you’re in love with her and that you proposed to her on the set of the movie…
I don’t remember that happening, but if that’s what she said, then it’s true.

How did your career being?
I started as a model when I was 12. I was the youngest one in the agency. I was so skinny, I looked like a girl, and back then the whole androgenous look was in. Then I did some amateur theater and then I began to go to castings.

And you were chosen for Reese Witherspoon’s movie Vanity Fair…
Yes, but my part was cut from the movie. That’s how I got Harry Potter, the casting director felt guilty.

Why didn’t you get more roles after Harry Potter?
I went on several auditions but they kept telling me I was scary….

And your agent sent you to LA to do more castings and you got the role of Edward. Weren’t you sent to media training after you were chosen for the role?
Yes. My agent kept getting messages like “he’s resisting the training!” (laughs), I just didn’t want to answer like I was a robot. Not even little children like to hear the same answers, it’s boring!

What have you been up to since you finished Twilight?
I’ve been living in LA. I learned how to drive and I’ve been exploring the city. It’s a very different culture from London. There isn’t many pubs and people here don’t get how normal it is in London to just go out for a beer. They think it’s bizarre.

Do you have a car yet?
A 1989 BMW convertible. The convertible top is broken, the dashboard caught on fire when I was driving and the back seats look like a dumpster with all my old trash. And I just hope the red button that just turned on isn’t something I should worry about. (laughs).

Have you made any new friends in Hollywood?
A couple. Most of them are from the industry. I go out with club promoters and PR people. I always get my picture taken coming out of the dodgiest places. It’s embarrasing. I went out everyday for like a week until I realized that people must think I was some sort of drunk.

What do you do on your spare time?
I’m a musician. I know all actors say they’re musicians, but I’ve been doing it for years. I play the piano since I was four and classical guitar since I was five. I just started playing blues and similar stuff. I’m not a virtuoso, but I’m not that bad either.

You used to be seen playing in little bars,
I did it a couple of times, until some people filmed me and put me up on youtube. They ruined the experience. Now it would be impossible to play again like that.

Who’s your favorite musician?
Van Morrison. I own all his albums.

Your sister is in the music business as well, isn’t she?
Lizzy had a very successful song with her band Aurora. My other sister works in advertising. I’m the youngest.

They treated you like their own doll, didn’t they?
They dressed me up like a girl, yes! (laughs). But it all changed when I turned 12.

You play Salvador Dali in you next movie, how was the experience?
It’s marked a before and an after. I got obsessed with Dali, read everything I could about him. It’s the first role in which I could reflect about it more seriously. He was the weirdest bloke, but I feel I understood him. He was very, very shy.

It looks like you have a bright future a head of you….
It’s funny how things change. After being unemployed for so long, you start thinking “I’m not gonna mess this up again”. So now, I’ll only think about how I’m going to play a role. My only concern is to not mess this up. I don’t want to be an idiot and that’s a real possibility.

female rob

twitarded has a hilarious post (all her posts are hilarious btw) about her co-workers thinking she looks like rob...also, her mom is amazing...check it out here! read more...


from twitter:
cserratos Just got done with a PETA photo shoot. :)
cserratos Michelle...She owns. LOOK FOR THE PETA AD THIS FALL. read more...