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happy bday edward cullen!

happy 108th bday, edward cullen!

whats that? oh yeah and happy birthday to...

this edward cullen...

this edward cullen...

this edward cullen...

and every other edward cullen of our dreams.


Friday, June 19, 2009


hilarious fan encounter with rob at hitdanback:
Grab your diapers. Yup... it happened. In New York... It really is THE CITY OF DREAMS! Yesterday... HitDanBack met R-Patz. The thing is that I posted that video of those insane girls attacking him, but the truth is that when I encountered him right near NYU (my alma mater, thank you very much) at first I wasn't sure if it was him, but then I realized that I too became a Pattinson-zombie... It was PHENOMENAL... My legs locked up and I'm pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head... and I drooled... which was probably super attractive looking.
keep reading to find out what BBM means...

Anyhoo, here's the deal. He's actually pretty intense up-close and he was smoking! And I TOTALLY didn't mind... Honestly, this dude could have been screaming and running at me with a chainsaw, shooting a machine gun and I still would have hugged him. Also I was half expecting him to say "Hay-Low" in that weird turn-of-the-century intonation that he uses in Twilight when Bella first talks to him in biology class. But instead I'm sure he was looking at me and contemplating a restraining order, which would have been a good idea in retrospect because I toootally went after him. Wanna know why? Because that's how I roll... Im as gay as I wanna be, F to that Ay-AIR!

So just when R-Patz thought it was safe to escape, I got him. Yes, I got him. So I said, "Robert, do you know who I am?" No, really. I swear to GAWD! And he was all "Errrrr, no man" with fear in his eyes... Also, yeah, he called me a "man". Excuse me for a second while crack open a cold one and change the carburetor in my pick-up... Ok, so then I told him to read the site and he said he didn't read gossip... So I said... "Well HitDanBack is different!!" And seriously he was almost running away from me at this point but managed to turn around and say "How is it different, man?" Also, "man" AGAIN!!?? So I said, "It's different because I only write about two things... vampires and the Irish"...

Ok, so this was one of those moments where I actually tried to grab the words that came out of my mouth and furiously stuff them back in by making large netting motion with my shaking hands. Throw me in prison! He actually looked at me and laughed... Phew! Anyway, after we exchanged BBM pins, apparently he was off just as mysteriously as he arrived.

Thank god this all happened because honestly, if I didn't meet R-Patz soon, I'd never be able to show my face on the internet again! Seriously, all you crazed teenage girls, you might be onto something here. Hay-Low!?!


from the guardian:
Pussy galore ... Michael Sheen (right) has the sharp suit, but he'll need the gun, the Persian and maybe some age makeup to play Blofeld like Charles Gray in Diamonds Are Forever. Photographs: Cinetext/Allstar and Jon Funiss/

Michael Sheen might be Bond baddie Blofeld

The Damned United actor is reported to be in negotiations to play the criminal mastermind in the 23rd official 007 picture, being co-scripted by Peter Morgan

He was last seen being tipped out of a helicopter into the gaping mouth of an industrial chimney. Now, 28 years after his last official appearance in For Your Eyes Only, James Bond's deadliest foe could be set for a return – in the fresh-faced form of actor Michael Sheen.

Sheen, 40, is reported to be in negotiations to play Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the 23rd official Bond picture, set for release in 2011. The script is being co-written by Peter Morgan, Sheen's long-time collaborator, who has already worked with him on the likes of The Queen, Frost/Nixon and The Damned United.

"Michael is hot property right now and it is felt that he's the right man to bring Blofeld back to life," an unnamed source told the Daily Express newspaper. "Michael was a Bond fan in his youth, so this would be a dream role for him."

The sinister chieftain of the global criminal organisation Spectre, Blofeld has appeared in six James Bond outings and has been interpreted by a variety of actors, including Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas and Charles Gray. In popular imagination, he sports a scarred face and a shaved head and is never seen without his beloved white Persian cat.

Over recent decades, however, Blofeld has proved a more fitful and elusive presence. He was briefly resurrected by the Swedish actor Max von Sydow in 1983's unofficial Bond adventure Never Say Never Again and provided the inspiration for Dr Evil, the cackling, accident-prone baddie from the Austin Powers comedies. The real Blofeld, one suspects, would not have been amused.

to billy burke

i realized that i only had one post tagged about billy burke, and it was his opinion on robsten. so here ya go! some love going his way...and ladies, he can be found at


invasion of privacy

here's two interviews with jackson rathbone about twilight/new moon and beyond!

from scifiwire:
Twilight's Jackson Rathbone--Jasper Hale--teases New Moon
Jackson Rathbone, who plays vampire Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, told reporters that he and the cast of the upcoming sequel are feeling the weight of the franchise's popularity more. Oh, and he really does get hurled into a piano.
from celebutopia:
Jackson Rathbone can’t wait for ‘Eclipse’
“One of the things about Jasper is he doesn’t use the ability all the time. It’s something that he’s very strict about using because it’s like an invasion of privacy to make someone feel something, to manipulate emotions.”
do you see that yeacob? invasion of privacy!!!

Twilight's Jackson Rathbone--Jasper Hale--teases New Moon

"We have a bigger budget, and we have a little bit more pressure to keep that [indie] feeling going," Rathbone said in a group interview Tuesday in Philadelphia. "But the nice thing is that we are delving more into the story now of New Moon. But I will say that Twilight is my favorite, because it takes you into this realm, from reality into this fantasy reality, and it makes that fantasy more real. As the films progress, you get deeper into the mythical world that we are establishing, with the werewolves and what the actual vampire society and legacy is with the Volturi."

Rathbone talked about his Twilight experience so far and his other creative side projects. New Moon, based on the second of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling Twilight books, is aiming at a Nov. 20 release. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

How does it feel going from one film franchise to possibly another with The Last Airbender?

Rathbone: I love being busy. I'm lucky enough to be working, and I like to keep working as much as possible. The way I feel is that there's only 24 hours in a day, and I need at least 20 of them, so I only sleep four hours a night. I also have my band that I play with. Up here, whenever I'm working or when I am working on the Twilight movies, I work all day on the film and then I go and rehearse with my band all night.

What kind of music do you play?

Rathbone: It's a band, and we travel together. We're called 100 Monkeys. It's old-school rock and roll. All originals that are blues- and funk-oriented. We like to have a fun show. We aren't one of those bands that makes whiney music. We like to make music that people dance to.

There's going to be a New Moon soundtrack. Any chance your band might do a song for it?

Rathbone: Oh we'd love it, but we're not really pushing for it.

How does it feel to be part of the whole Twilight phenomenon?

Rathbone: With the first film it was one of Summit Entertainment's first films. I think it was the second film they produced, the first being Never Back Down. So it was like a bigger-budget indie film, and it felt like an indie film with the way we were making it together and the way that Catherine Hardwicke directs. It was a fun vibe that was onset. But it was a little bit stressful, because as we kept filming, the press kept getting more of it and the fans were more into it. All these Web sites started popping up, like Twilight Moms. It was amazing.

We started making this movie, and people are already loving it and it's not even out yet. It had six months to come out, and they were already lining up at the movie theaters. It was an experience in and of itself that I've got to say I wasn't really prepared for, but I am thankful for, because they are so supportive of what we do. As an actor, you need an audience. I've done Shakespeare in Texas to an audience of three people. When everybody onstage outnumbers everybody in the audience a lot, ... so it's great to have a big audience to play to.

How did it feel going back to shoot the sequel with new director Chris Weitz?

Rathbone: It's funny. When we got back to film New Moon, the first day, the whole cast was hanging out in Peter Facinelli's room. It was like a family reunion. It was like we had been away a month. It didn't seem like a year. It was nice to get back together and have that family environment.

In regards to having a new director, nothing changed too much. There was a different, subtle vibe because the director creates the energy on the set, and he was great. We all wanted to come together and make another great piece of art for the fans. It's about what they want to see, because they are the ones buying the tickets. ...

Have you gotten a lot of feedback about the recent New Moon trailer?

Rathbone: It's been lovely. For the band, we did a CD signing session, and a lot of people came up and would mention they saw the trailer. I get a lot of fan mail, which is really sweet, and a lot of it has been talking about [the] trailer and how cool it is and how excited they are. When the trailer drops, it has a whole lot more reality behind it. The fans are able to say it is coming out!

It looks like Jasper is getting some action when he's thrown into a piano.

Rathbone: Yup, I was flying and got to do some stunts on that, and that's only the beginning of it. They didn't show the entire [scene]. It's going to be a really action-packed movie. And then you have the other side of the love story. It has a lot of elements that I think the fans have been waiting to sink their teeth into. ... I'm sorry. I had to use that pun. It's terrible [laughs].

Jackson Rathbone can’t wait for ‘Eclipse’

Actor Jackson Rathbone is halfway through filming “New Moon” but he’s already counting down the days until “Eclipse,” set to film later this year.

In the third installment of the “Twilight” series, audiences will find out more about his character, Jasper Hale.

TeenMag recently asked Jackson why Jasper’s vampire abilities weren’t mentioned in Twilight.

Jackson answered: “Well it doesn’t really come out too much in the book. It’s one of those things were it’s understood but in the third book it really comes out like the back story and everything.

“I think one of the things we didn’t want to get too much into was focusing on all the other vampires.

“We wanted really to establish this relationship and how she (Bella) gets sucked into the world of the Cullen family and once she’s in the world that’s when things kind of start coming out.

working at the zoo

twilightmoms has an interview with sam bradley:
One of our lovely TwilightMOMS had the chance to see Sam Bradley (co-writer of the hit song Never Think) perform at the Whiskey a Go Go in L.A. and later sat down with him over lunch to ask a few questions. We hope you enjoy the interview!

TM: So, you had three shows in less than a week? That’s a lot.
Sam: I had four, actually. They added an extra show to Hotel Café. It was good because it wasn’t my [normal] audience.
TM: Hotel Café is a great venue
Sam: Amazing venue.
click to find out how sam and rob met!

TM: It’s very pretty.
Sam: Very pretty. The office is really… like you’re in Havana.
TM: And you played the Whiskey last night. What was that like? That had to be a little overwhelming?
Sam: Well, they tell me it’s legendary. Everyone was really nice from the sound guy to the audience who was there. Everyone was pretty cool. About the show, I’m just happy to be playing, and that there are people there to listen is just magical.
TM: It seems to you have mainly a female following. That’s pretty good.
Sam: (laughs) I didn’t notice.
TM: So what do you think of L.A.?
Sam: I like L.A. a lot. I have some family that lives here, some of which I should have seen (laughs). Which I just realized. Yeah, I like L.A. a lot. I like how everything is kind of spread out. Nothing is too towering. You know, there’s one or two stories to the buildings and it makes me feel like I’m a tropical…tropical…I don’t know what I’m saying. (laughs)
TM: I get what you’re saying. Have you done any site seeing?
Sam: I went to Venice Beach and I went to the Santa Monica Pier. I didn’t go and take any star tours or anything.
TM: You didn’t get any mouse ears to take home?
Sam: Mouse ears? Oh! Disneyland!
TM: You need to go to Anaheim!
Sam: There’s always tomorrow. (laughs)
TM: Get some little mouse ears to take home with your name on them.
Sam: You can do that? Mouse ears with your name on it?
TM: Yeah, you can get them personalized with your name.
Sam: That’s cool.
TM: The song “Never Think/Too Far Gone” is lovely, of course. We all love it. And song writing is, to some degree, biographical. Is there anything in your life that sparked that piece?
Sam: Yeah. Everything in my life (laughs). Ya know, I was definitely going through some stuff and I think the song explains it. There’s nothing I could really say that would add more meaning to what the song already says.
TM: So, the writing process for you? What normally comes first, the melody or the lyrics? Is there a formula?
Sam: It depends on the song. There’s no specific way I sit down and write. Depends on the mood. Depends on if I have my guitar with me.
TM: Is there a time of day that’s a little more…
Sam: The morning. When you first wake up, well for me, you can reflect.
TM: On something you dreamt about, maybe?
Sam: Yeah, exactly. It could be something you dreamt about yesterday, something you dreamt about a month ago, a couple of years ago. The morning for me is the freshest. My father’s a morning person and I think I am, too.
TM: That’s unusual [for a musician]. So, you wrote Never Think with Rob and then you guys went two different directions in recording it.
Sam: Didn’t we just?
TM: How did that happen and is there an original version?
Sam: I’d say that when we were writing it, it was probably closer to “Too Far Gone” but I think Rob could play it differently every time. He’s obviously a very talented musician.
TM: Very, although I like your version a lot, too.
Sam: Thank you. Yeah, it’s different. It’s really cool. I’m really proud of my version and I’m proud of his version. I think it’s a really nice, interesting thing to have such a simple and pure song to sound so different, and have almost two different meanings just in the feeling of the song and the way it was recorded. I’m going to record “Too Far Gone” again because the version I have is a demo. So, I’m going to record that again and I’m excited to see how that turns out.
TM: As a song writer working with someone who changes the style a little each, does that inspire you or make you say, “Wait a minute! We were doing it this way”.
Sam: It inspires me. I can follow just fine. It’s a deeper connection. It’s never a shock so…(laughs)
TM: So you can roll with it. That’s good. (laughs)

TM: So, how did you meet Rob?
Sam: I was working at the zoo and I was taking care of the chinchillas, obviously,. That was my division. And Rob was looking after the zebras. That’s it right? You say zebras [strong e] not zebras [soft e]? He was looking after the zebras and there was a lot of feces involved… a lot of scooping, and we were both on our break which is very rare…very rare (smiling) that we get a break at the same time but we met and we talked. I talked about my chinchillas and he talked about his zebras. You know, I wanted to transfer. I’ve always liked rhinoceros and all of the sudden a giraffe with a guitar in its mouth dropped it in my arms and then Simba, the lion, came over and gave Rob a harmonica and a guitar and all of the sudden, bam! Song. Yeah, and I think we were…how old were we? We were working so I guess we were 54 at the time?
I met him at school (laughs)
TM: How old were you when you met him?
Sam: 12
(both laugh)

TM: That was a good story! I loved it!
Sam: I like that one. I’m going to keep that one. (laughs)
TM: I understand you were flat mates. What was it like being roomies?
Sam: Well, we were in a zoo (laughs). It was cool, ya know. We were friends. I should imagine it would be like being a flat mate with … Did you ever have a flat mate?
TM: Yes, once.
Sam: How was that for you?
TM: I’m a little too Type A so it didn’t work well. (laughs) I’m much better on my own.
Sam: It was a creative environment, is what we had…a creative environment with not much furniture and a TV with a Play station.
TM: It had all the important stuff
Sam: Yeah…I mean the TV with the Play station came later but it was cool. I think about that place everyday. It was a really, really cool place. It was right in the heart of London, as well so the world seemed like out oyster.
TM: Sounds like something from a Dickens story
Sam: (in a very high pitched voice) It was like a scene out of Dickens!
(both laugh)
TM: So what was it like to see Twilight for the first time and hear your music in it?
Sam: Ya know, I got to go with a couple of friends and so when the song came on my hand was squeezed pretty tightly and…I was proud. That was an odd thing seeing your friend nine thousands times bigger than he is in real life. Big face on the big screen sort of thing. It’s cool. I just felt happy to be part of it.
TM: It’s [the twilight phenomenon] pretty massive.
Sam: Yeah it is, and it really has helped me.
TM: At the L.A. premiere, you got a taste of how exuberant the Twilight fans can be. Has your connection to the Twilight universe been a blessing or a curse?
Sam: I only look at blessings so like I said before, I’m just happy to be playing to people and whether they are connected to Twilight or Tom Cruise or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because it’s them and me and I’m just lucky to have people come out and it’s not Team Edward or team Jacob. It’s my night and it’s their night and I try to make it the best it can be.
TM: You are slated to play TwiCon with Bobby long and Mark Foster. Are you nervous?
Sam: Am I nervous? No, I haven’t had a breath to be nervous yet. I think when I arrive in Dallas and I turn up at the hotel…(laughs)
TM: You’ll start to feel all of that teen electricity?
Sam: Do you think there will be a lot of teens?
TM: Yeah, there will be a lot of teens there. It’s not a 21 and over crowd.
Sam: It’s going to be interesting. I’m really looking forward to it. To meet lots of people is the idea and try to connect with as many people as possible.
TM: What sort of music did you grow up listening to?
Sam: I grew up listening to soul music…and reggae and country…and folk.
TM: Is there any particular artist that did it for you?
Sam: Yes (laughs) I really love Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Gregory Isaac, Tom Waite, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, (smiles) Bobby Long, Rob Pattinson.
TM: What was it about those artists that did it for you?
Sam: Honesty…these artists were very honest and very raw and I like that.
TM: It comes across in your music, as well. It has a very raw quality to it.
Sam: I hope so, yeah.
TM: Sea Blue is a great song. That and Paradise. Very gut-wrenching.
Sam: Thank you.
Sam: Paradise is an old song. I thought I was never going to play that one again. But people heard it…. I guess I put it up…and yeah, Paradise is a nice one.
TM: It’s lovely
Sam: Thanks
TM: What took you to Vancouver from the UK?
Sam: My mom. My mom is Canadian. She’s from Ottawa, actually. We went on holiday, and she tricked us, me and my sister, into moving. She asked if we wanted to go look at a house and I said, “Yeah…OK Let’s go look at a house. Wow, this house is way nice than the one we have in England. OK…shall we move?” Oh, but my job at the zoo! Whatever will I do?”(laughs) Yeah, so we moved and Vancouver is a beautiful city. It’s a lovely city.
TM: Do you intend to keep Vancouver as your home base?
Sam: I don’t think I’m going to have a home base. I think my home base is in people, not really a place. I’m going to have my few possessions there, like my sofa which is pretty much my bed. It’s cool.
TM: I was going to ask when we can expect an album out but I noticed some people walking around with CD’s last night?
Sam: Maybe they purchased those at some of the other shows. It’s an old EP that I made when I was just starting. I had only been playing guitar for just under a year and I got to make an EP and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I still don’t really know I’m doing (smiles) but I’m a little more experienced now. But as far as the EP goes, it’s like three years old. I printed a couple of thousand and now they’re all gone and I don’t think I’m going to make them again. That part is over.
TM: So no more records. That’s it. (laughs)
Sam: No, of course more records. I just meant as far as that EP goes.
TM: So when should we expect the new CD?
Sam: Next month or so. Maybe two months. Not too far away.
TM: If you could jam with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?
Sam: I’d definitely choose a dead artist. Today my answer is…Johnny Cash.
TM: What songs are on your personal play list?
Sam: “Closer” by Kings of Leon, It Could Have Been Me by Ray Charles, and 14 Times by Marcus Foster.
TM: Are there ay songs on your playlist that you would be embarrassed for people to know about?
Sam: Absolutely not. I’m a pretty open individual. When I jam out to my Brittany Spears, that’s cool.
TM: Jamming to Hannah Montana?
Sam: I don’t actually know much Hannah Montana music but she’s got a good voice (does a brief imitation)
TM: Ok… we’re going to do a little Inside the Actors Studio/James Lipton sort of thing.
Sam: OK
TM: What’s your favorite word?
Sam: Remorse
TM: Why’s that?
Sam: (smiles) Because it’s the first word that came to me.
TM: You’re least favorite word?
Sam: Like
TM: You’re favorite sound?
Sam: My favorite sound? (slaps his left cheek)
TM: (laughs) Your least favorite sound?
Sam: (slaps his right check and laughs)
TM: What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Sam: Green Eggs and…I don’t know.
TM: What question have you never been asked that you wish someone would ask?
Sam: (laughs) That one.
TM: That was great. Thank you!
Sam: You’re welcome!

For more information about Sam Bradley including his tour schedule, please check out his MySpace page located at


from OK! magazine:
Kissing Robert Pattinson

While Emilie de Ravin made about eleventy billion girls jealous today by filming a kissing scene with Robert Pattinson for Remember Me, who can forget that hot clinch R-Pattz filmed with Kristen Stewart for New Moon in Italy?

We asked fans via our Twitter page a few smooch-related questions, the first being, "What would you do or give to switch places with Emilie?"
btw: rob in shorts?!?!

no no, no no. which kissing scene is hotter?? Come on now! the kissing scene in my head with Rob is soo much hotter. it should be filmed. U bitches got nothing on that! hahahaha i'm officially an Alcatraz Insane Asylum Outpatient.

Our findings? Most fans would give anything and everything to be in a lip-lock with their favorite vampire. Here are a few of your most creative responses:

No sleep til R-Pattz, says AudreyMadison: "However much i had to pay, its worth it. I would give up my clothes my electronics my bed and everything else."

Get a job, suggests Chococat: "I wish I could be her stunt double and I would work for free!"

Bye bye, Twitter, hello Rob, promises "I'd give up Twitter for a day. That's asking A LOT."

Okay so which kissing scene was hotter? Not really a difficult question for most Twi-hards to answer, as the overwhelming response was in favor of K-Stew and Rob's New Moon smooch fest. It is Bella and Edward, after all!

No competition for twilightus: "NOT EVEN CLOSE! Believe me on this one Rob & Kristen/Edward & Bella!!!!!"

It's all about science, says jkennedy80: "Rob kissing Kristen is much hotter, they have great chemistry !"

Onscreen passion is real for traceeDF: "The New Moon scene is way hotter! The passion between the 2 is real."

Case closed.


bad ass audrey hepburn

from twifans:
Despite her penchant for Rock & Republic — four pairs of jeans and a couple of dresses, for starters — Greene couldn’t slip any into her “Twilight” look, which leaned more toward Audrey Hepburn, albeit a “pretty bad ass” one, she added.
see what she has to say about rob and his taxi incident to mtv after the break!

Pattinson was reportedly clipped by the cab as he fled frenzied fans. The incident took place in front of the Strand Book Store on Broadway and 12th Street in Manhattan, where "Remember Me" was filming. Onlookers were said to react with shock as a bewildered Pattinson stood in the street and the driver slammed the brakes. According to a report by Radar Online, one of the actor's bodyguards yelled at the fans, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

back off, bitches!

many of you may have heard that rob was hit by a taxi yesterday while running away from fans in nyc...fortunately, these pictures are NOT from that incident, but part of the day 2 filming. that's emilie in the 3rd picture. 11 HQ pics over at twifans. read more...

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the rapping is terrible...but the idea was pretty good... read more...


twilight novel novice has a bunch of new moon desktop here for the rest. read more...

Peter Facinelli

In honor of his twitter challenge, I decided to give some love to Peter...Good Luck!
His interview with OK magazine is adorable.

The Twilight hunk (eat your heart out, R. Pattz!) shares his lasting impressions

OK: Last time i said I love you
PF: To my wife (actress Jennie Garth) this afternoon

OK: Last Romantic thing i did for Jennie
PF: We went out to lunch together on a nice little romantic date

OK: Last time i lied
PF: I don't remember. There, I just lied right now.

OK: Last text i texed
PF: let me see. Hold on. (checks) Rob Pattinson. I said "I'll see you in a little bit." He's in NYC

OK: Last time I was starstruck
PF: When I met former NY Governor George Pataki. I don't really get starstruck by actors, but Pataki was the gov! I grew up in NY. That was kind of a bid deal.

OK: Least meal before i die
PF: Jesus! I hope you don't know something I don't. So many foods...I don't know why, but a hamburger keeps popping to mind.

OK: Last time i cried
PF: Wow. The last time I cried was when--what's that singer's name who didn't win America, err, Britian's Got Talent? When Susan Boyle didnt win. Bc she should've won, damnit!


from NMM:
Here’s the very first picture of the upcoming Official New Moon Calendar, including a never-before seen arrangement of the three main characters that is similar to the official New Moon poster, but the characters are arranged differently.

In this new imagery from New Moon, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is in the center looking straight at the camera and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen are looking to the side behind him.

The calendar is set to be released later this year in September or October.
Here’s another picture of a New Moon calendar we haven’t seen yet, this time featuring a shot of the entire Cullen Family in the style of the New Moon Poster. This one is a wall calendar as opposed to the New Moon Desk Calendar we reported on earlier.

Reportedly, this one will be available at the end of July.

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still available

people has released their hottest bachelors of 2009 and these two twilight guys made the list, but did not top it. the guy in the photo with kellan is ryan eggold from 90210 (he looks MUCH better without that silly outfit). the fact that rob isn't #1 makes this list worthless! =P

video of kellan & ryan

edward pattinson

saw this over at TCA from!

another dreamer

we've mentioned bobby and sam plenty, lets give marcus foster some lovin' too!
EP out in 5 days... listen to him at:

dangerous summer

wow...pollstar has an article on bobby long!!!

Bobby Long's 'Twilight' Zone

How far can a do-it-yourself artist go? For singer/songwriter Bobby Long, a friendship formed at a club’s open-mic night led to getting one of his songs in a hit movie.

Long, who was born in northern England and grew up in the southwestern area called Wessex, met actor Robert Pattinson in a London club while both were making the open-mic rounds.

When Pattinson was tapped to portray vampire Edward Cullen in the 2008 hit movie “Twilight,” a song written by Long and Marcus Foster – “Let Me Sign” – was selected for one of the film’s dramatic scenes, with Pattinson singing the lyrics.

How DIY is Long? He independently released a 10-song disc of original material recorded in his bedroom. Called Dirty Pond Songs, which the singer refers to as “a big EP” or “bootleg album,” is so raw you can hear street sounds in the background on some of the tracks. One song from the EP (or bootleg) – “Let Me Lie” – reached #1 on iTunes’ Unsigned chart and #8 on the music download store’s Folk chart. Long’s second single – “Being A Mockingbird” – is available through online outlets

Long graduates from London Metropolitan University next month, and will embark on a U.S. tour shortly thereafter. Called “The Dangerous Summer Tour,” the first two dates are in New York City, July 26 and 27 at S.O.B.’s and Arlene’s Grocery, respectively.
Then it’s off to Philly for a gig at the North Star Bar on July 28; followed by the Wicon Film Event in Dallas on July 30 and August 1, with a Poor David’s Pub show sandwiched in between on July 31.

Other stops on Long’s “Dangerous Summer” tour include Phoenix Aug. 3; Los Angeles’ Hotel Café Aug. 5-6; Denver Aug. 12; Memphis Aug. 17; Nashville Aug. 19; Chicago Aug. 31; D.C. Sept. 1 and Toronto Sept. 6 before heading back to New York for two more nights at Arlene’s Grocery Sept. 9-10 and one evening at Drew Hall Sept. 11.
In addition to posting performance videos on YouTube, Long also promotes himself through his MySpace page, and recently discovered rotating the songs streaming from his MySpace home often results in people shouting out requests for the tunes during his performances.

Next stop for Long is the U.S. in July. Needless to say, the 6-foot-two, shaggy-haired 22-year-old singer is more than a little excited.
“I haven’t released anything and to come over here and to do it is a dream really,” Long said. “You know for any English artist to come to America and play is just the pinnacle of what you want to do. So being able to do it so early is a really, really cool thing.”

click here for tour dates

again with the fans

PLEASE READ!!! This original song was written and performed by Karen Smith (me) and contributing writer Rob Cavestany. It was inspired by the Stephenie Meyer book New Moon. I would love for it to be considered for the soundtrack of the film. I know it's a long shot, but it would be a dream come true if it somehow fell into the right hands.
In the meantime, I wanted to share it with my fellow Twilight Saga fans. I hope that you like it! Let me know what you think. :-)
Peace & Love,
Karen

orange mocha frappuccino

from twitter: peterfacinelli LMAO! RT @sheamig07i Check this out!

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a few weeks ago i posted on the other diet about vanity fair asking who is the most handsome man in the world. results are in:
So much for competition. Two weeks ago, asked readers to vote for the Most Handsome Man in the World. Just like last time, when Angelina Jolie trounced the competition in our Most Beautiful Woman in the World poll, we have a hands-down winner: Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star took 51 percent of the more than 271,000 votes cast. Of the 18 men on the list, Nacho Figueras came in second with 15 percent, followed by Brad Pitt with 12 percent.

So, World, what exactly is it about Robert Pattionson that made you vote over 271,000 times?
more pictures of rob returning back on set for day 2 of remember me on twifans read more...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


dear oasd,

so earlier i had a post about this whole remember me thing and how crazy it got when we were away this weekend. i really dont know how to post about it! there are SO many pictures and so many videos that im lost. its too much. hes too much. i hate him. i love him. i lvoe him.

so ruined,


ps look at his fingers at 2:06



JJJ has some pictures of kstew and dakota fanning meeting up with joan jett herself...they did a pretty good job with kstews makeover...

full article and more pictures after the break

Covered in a gray hoodie, Kristen Stewart waits up for rocker Joan Jett as they arrive at Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 15).

Kristen and Joan were also joined by Dakota Fanning. Stella Maeve or Alessandra Torresani still haven’t been spotted yet.

The Runaways tells the story of the 1970s teenage rock band responsible for hits songs like “Cherry Bomb” and “Born to Be Bad.”


AG x 2

from people:
Dancing close, surfing and snuggling: It sounds like a Hollywood movie, but it was real life for Ashley Greene and Adrian Grenier, who spent the weekend getting cozy in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The Twilight actress and the Entourage hunk met for the first time Friday during the welcome dinner at Oakley's "Learn to Ride" surf weekend – and were practically inseparable until Sunday, a source tells PEOPLE.

"They hit it off," says the source, who saw the pair dancing together to music by Kelley James on Friday night. "[They] really had a great time."

On Saturday, Greene and Grenier hung out and talked before taking surf lessons. That night, they met up at a barbeque at El Capitan Ranch and "were flirting and dancing close all night long," says the source. "They held nothing back dancing – it was pretty intense."

Other stars who enjoyed the weekend of fun in the sun – and who stayed at the Bacara Resort – were Lo Bosworth, Mario Lopez and Benji and Joel Madden. But it was Greene and Grenier who sizzled.

"[They] got super cozy all weekend. They were very cute," says the source. "They were hanging out nonstop and they only met Friday. They spent the whole time together – surfed together – everything."

oh wow, i would have never guessed. she's popular with hollywood boys. poor jackson. i guess he's gonna be on that island all alone...