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alright kiddes, i have 15 min before i leave for vegas, so here's a really untidy post about the rest of comic con!

videos from the panel:

and most importantly, the two clips (dont watch if you dont want spoilers...dont watch if you want to keep your sanity........):

best vid i saw from the screenings is at radaronline.
click for the best pictures i've seen here.

rob kills me...have a great weekend, yall!

EDIT: here's the two clips with subtitles!


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sdcc interviews

and the best one here (CW, taylor, ashley, kristen, and rob)

EDIT: a bunch more

cw confirms thom yorke on soundtrack! =)

<a href="" target="_new" title="Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at Comic-Con 2009">Video: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at Comic-Con 2009</a>


comic con

Twilighters on line at Comic-Con

today is the day! new moon panel at san diego comic con!!! things have already been crazy and the panel isnt for another 3-4 hours...ahh!!! why aren't we there? it's ok though...tons of people are live tweeting AND theres a bunch of sources with live streaming:
ET Online
i'm sooooooo excited!!! ahh!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! lol...

press conference
hitfix live blog
robert pattinson...who? (best pictures)
first vid (photo call only)
wireimage (lots of great pictures)
getty images (more pictures)
popsugar (one picture)

Y: dude, seriously, why does kstew look like such a bitch
and do you think rob and taylor called each other
and asked each other what they were going to wear?

zap 2 it (live blog)
g4tv (live blog)
twilight source (detailed description of 2 new clips - spoilers!)
geogurl (video) - warning: turn volume down first...

picture source: cullenboysanon


from people:
As photos from New Moon get Twilight fans’ pulses racing, there is a stylish new way to show your anticipation for the upcoming film. The exclusive Nordstrom collection of Twilight-inspired fashion, including everything from T-shirts and hoodies to dresses and jewelry, is debuting at Comic-Con tomorrow. But just like with the movie itself, we’ll have to exercise some patience — the collection won’t be available for pre-sale until October 1st (with a October 15th sale date) at Get the full scoop on the collection at
...idk...

daily 10

ashley on e! daily 10

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so the official new moon movie website has been relaunched with a ton of gems including these wallpapers:

and here are some screenshots from the site...

when you click on the cullen crest to enter the cullen house:

and when you click on the wolfpack tatoo to enter la push:

go check out the website for yourself!


from eonline:
New Moon Dude on Robsten: "I Feel For Them"
There are so many friggin' rumors circling our dear Robsten, we can barely keep track of them. Some are just absolutely ridiculous, like Kristen Stewart with a bun in her incredibly flat oven. Please! If you're just making up crap outta thin air, at least make it interesting! We dished with K.Stew's onscreen pops, Billy Burke, at the Angels & Aces Poker party at the Playboy Mansion, and he gave us the inside scoop on all these nasty rumors, which he's more than happy to not be a part of:

So Kristen was reportedly pregnant, which we cleared up and showed to be totally false.

Rob is probably pregnant with my child. It's funny no one picked up on me and Rob's affair.
more robsten videos and an analysis of robs body language while doing kissing scenes with kristen vs emilie from a twilight kiss after the jump!

Do you wish you were more involved in rumors like your younger costars?

I don't feel left out at all. They can keep me out of those rumors as much as they want.

How do you think Rob's handling all this attention? He seems stressed out on the set of his new movie, Remember Me... Think R.Pattz would ever get totally fed up with it and quit acting altogether?

You mean pulling a Joaquin Phoenix? I doubt he would go that route. He's got a lot of talent. He's got his art, as opposed to being bogged down by all this bulls--t. I think he's handling it well. I feel a little bit for [Rob and Kristen]. I think [the attention] was unexpected by both of them.

Do you sometimes feel like a spokesperson for Rob, Kristen and the other castmembers' personal lives?

Some people do ask, but they know the answer they're gonna get: I don't know anything.

OK then, how will the next few Twilight films be different?

Haven't seen a script yet, have no idea what's going on. Nobody's seen a script yet.

Twi fans want more sex and violence with their beloved vamps. Blame True Blood. Think any of the upcoming movies will ever be R-rated?

I doubt it. I doubt they'll go that far. Stephanie [Meyer]'s books are what they are, and to go beyond that is gonna be a misconception of what the actual text is.

We know Robsten & Co. are hotter than the Harry Potter kids, but will the boy wizard beat out New Moon at the box office?

We took their release spot the last couple years, and we're taking their summer release spot next year. I don't get into competition. I just want the movies to be good.

What if there's a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover? How much would that make?

What do you mean, that they meet? Harry battles Edward? I doubt it. That would be a complete bastardization of what's going on!

Hey, ya never know with H'wood—there are not one, but two hit movies based on '80s robot toys. It's definitely a possibility!

The Body Language of Robert Pattinson While Kissing Kristen Stewart and Emilie de Ravin
THE LAYING OF HANDS As of 10 July 2009, Robert Pattinson and Remember Me leading lady Emilie de Ravin have had two kissing scenes. One was during a night shoot, wherein the Twilight hunk cannot even open his hand for a simple gentle hold on the upper arm of Emilie de Ravin

During the other Remember Me kissing scene on a beach, Robert Pattinson also cannot put his hand in a simple gentle hold on the waist of Emilie de Ravin

Robert Pattinson has no problem putting his hands on his New Moon leading lady Kristen Stewart even after the cameras have stopped rolling.

THE LAYING OF LIPS This has to be one of the most awkward kissing scenes that I have ever witnessed, and, I can only say the best of luck to the Remember Me film editor.

Robert Pattinson has no problem with getting hot and heavy with Kristen Stewart in the infamous Twilight bedroom kissing scene.

Lorna Lopez aka ATwilightKiss Notes

The Importance of Being An Accomplished Liar Kristen Stewart has been quoted to say that Robert Pattinson cannot lie, which, in this case, has proven to be both an advantage and disadvantage, the former in Twilight and the latter in Remember Me

To be a good actor, one must be an accomplished liar when doing one’s work, and, frankly, I am worried that Rob cannot successfully pull off his scenes with Emilie with convincing truth as an actor.

The Allegations of a Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin Hook Up And, the Robsten in me will respond to any allegation of Robert Pattinson being with Emilie de Ravin with a disbelieving arched eyebrow and two words, “Really? Please.”

ultimate rob

recently i've felt like this site has become more of a rob fansite than a twilight fansite, because...well, i'm 110% team rob. so, i made a deal with myself to not post any rob-specific posts for...awhile. result: a rob free week and a massive amount of saved links.

i can't take it anymore, so here he is back again, ROBERT PATTINSON!

source: petitbiel

source: youtube

source: twifans
rob's sister with his dog patty!!!

source: youtube
oh god...lips...first coke...

source: youtube
and now smokin'...damn can he pull the look off...

poor rob...transcript at robsessed...

but did you notice tomstu with him? =)

rob and his caffeine...6 things about rob from RAOR...funny!

screenshots from all of robs movies at twifans

amazing post about robs lips at RAOR...MUST READ! click click click!


source: socialitelife
look! he's on the phone with me...=)

source: twitpic

source: daily motion
as much as i love the daily photos, leave him alone...

or at least let him be able to film...f'in paps...

source: socialitelife

source: thinkingofrob w/ lyrics

source: youtube

source: youtube
this honestly...will never get old...never...

source: RAOR
just pure hotness

source: twitpic
is he wearing PINK?

source: twilight indonesia
wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh

source: twitter

loosen up those buttons...

part 2

source: twitpic
just rob looking hot on set...

new moon set visit and 15 things learned about rpattz - click!

source: twitpic
"You have GOT to be fucking KIDDING me right now!" re: pink sleeping bag (click for more)

theme song from true blood...mmm...

same song...different view...this speaks to me in so many different ways...yum...

source: whynotrpattz
is rob a seamstress? click source to read about the infamous vodka shirt!

source: youtube
i just liked this song...=)

source: photobucket
oldie, rob with the twins from HP

source: Robert Pattinson Orland Square Mall Chicago Q&A Pt 1 11-12-08
another oldie, if anything...skip to 7:26 for an O.M.R. does he make something as simple as saying "chicago" sound SO f'in hot?!?!?!

and if you've gotten this's your reward...more outtakes from the US weekly/dossier/rollingstone shoot:

source: robsessed and here tagged
seeing these made me realize i had to get this post out asap. couldn't contain it...its too much...TOO MUCH!!! (obviously click the source for more)

and here's a video of the outtakes from myrobpattinson:

hope you enjoyed that as much as i did...=)

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something to look forward to...

Taylor Lautner - Twilight Exclusive - InStyle Man of Style
for the team taycob fans from instyle:
EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek at Taylor Lautner's InStyle Shoot
We just finished shooting Twilight's Taylor Lautner for our December issue's Man of Style feature! While we can't tell you everything the New Moon star told us about working with Kristen Stewart and transforming his body for the role just yet, here are a few choice bits to hold all you "Team Jacob" fans over 'til the issue and behind-the-scenes video come out this November in InStyle:

1. He doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account, though he says plenty of people pose as him online.
2. He's a major Red Bull fan and drank it throughout our shoot.
3. His favorite band, U2, is performing in Vancouver this summer, where he'll be shooting Eclipse!
4. He can’t live without his leather jacket, so stylist Matthew Edelstein pulled this John Varvatos jacket for the shoot.
5. He drives a black BMW 5 series but is more into football than cars.


shakira loves twilight too!


source: EM photo of xavier into riley with photoshop... read more...


another short film with charlie bewley, from the vancouver film school, courtesy of twilight the first one here. read more...

irish jig

peter learning the irish jig in dublin

steven strait

gotta say it...steven strait is SO hot...mmm...sorry team taylor... read more...


edward's smilejacob's nemesisbella's good luck charm

new twilight inspired jewelry from jules smith: edwards smile, jacob nemesis, and bellas good luck charm read more...

death cab

from fmqb:
Death Cab For Cutie will contribute a brand new song to the soundtrack to the upcoming film Twilight: New Moon. The track will arrive in August, while the soundtrack itself will be out later this year. Twilight: New Moon will land in theaters on November 20.

cool! i think it's fitting...=) do you think ben gibbard lost so much weight because hes a vampire now? read more...

facial hair?

old interview with nikki and rachelle that i hadnt seen before...cute! they talk about new moon and GUSH about taylor =) read more...


source: LOD

try not to laugh...these boys are too funny...


from NMM

he must be high right? lol...why justin? why?!?! stop being the gaysian! read more...

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girls and fandom


a really great article from robot 6 about sexism in the comic/manga world...
Roundtable | Girls and fandom
Posted on July 20, 2009 - 01:55 PM by Brigid Alverson

This week’s controversy over the scheduling of a Twilight movie at San Diego Comic-Con raised an issue that we at Good Comics for Kids have been thinking about for a while: Why don’t girls’ comics (and their other enthusiasms, for that matter) get any respect? Even the comics bloggers who leaped to defend the Twilight fans often speak with contempt of genres aimed at tween and teen girls, an attitude that was on full display later this week when Yen Press announced it would be publishing a Twilight manga.

So I sent out the Bat-Signal to my fellow Good Comics for Kids bloggers and asked what they thought.

Robin Brenner: I find it especially distressing that the SDCC crowd, made up of fans who have been typically dismissed and marginalized by the larger culture including comics fans, fantasy fans, and sci-fi fans, seem to think it’s perfectly warranted to dump on fans who you would think they have a lot more in common with than traits to divide them.

At anime cons you can witness the particular breed of enthusiasm teenage girls bring to the table: the ear-shattering squeals, the glomping, the elaborate and fantastic costumes, and the intensity of fannish behavior on display. I admit, the old-fogey part of my brain does startle at the sheer decibel level teen girls can reach, but at the end of the day, I have to smile: how brilliant is it that fans are so excited, so devoted, that they now represent a substantial fan audience? As someone who’s been a part of fandoms that have been dominated by men for, well, pretty much my entire life (including science fiction, fantasy, and comics), it’s refreshing to see women and girls get some attention.

Not so at Comic-Con. The last time I attended, I was struck by how different it felt than my local anime cons, and there was always this edge of awareness that this world tolerated me, but it wasn’t really courting me nor acknowledging me as a fan. I do think that came down to my being both a woman and a manga fan, as well as the fact that while I am a fan of comics in general, there is less at San Diego that is geared for me or would have been inviting to any of the teenage girls I work with every day. In fact, much of it was intimidating and dismissive. I can only imagine how much more teenage girls felt ignored.

Women and teenage girls are described as invaders. Well, remember, we do represent half the population, and if you want comics to survive in the long run, stop treating us like aliens coming in to muck up your well-laid plans.

Esther Keller: As a school librarian, I see that the girls are far more enthusiastic about what they’re reading than the guys. Seven years ago, when I ventured into the world of comics, it was still marginalized by much of the adult population. It was the advocacy of librarians (let’s face it, we are still a predominantly female vocation) and teachers (again, predominantly female) that helped comics gain the respect it deserves. Considering what women have done for the comics industry, why is this disdainful attitude out there? Are the men intimidated by us?

Kate Dacey: For me, it’s comments such as these that truly rankle:
“And now, you want to talk about the TWILIGHT fans. Hell, Val they aren’t even fans of the story. They just want the actors. If it was just author Stephanie Meyer there, and no movie, no actors, the turn out would be just about nil.”

“I am not going to insult women by being Ok with their fandom of complete rubbish. It’s like if they were superfans of Highlander 2 or the works of L Ron Hubbard or Dan Brown… Having said all that, I have not read or seen Twilight. I just go by the opinions of my intelligent female friends and the critics I like to read.”

What bothers me most is the underlying assumption that girls (and women) don’t know how to be proper fans, that they’re only there for the hot guys and couldn’t care less about the books or the creator—an assumption that ignores the fact that girls’ voracious reading habits helped put Twilight on the map in the first place, and suggests that their investment in the story is purely superficial. The other thing that bothers me about these statements is that many of the folks dissing Twilight have never read it or watched the movie, yet they feel perfectly qualified to assess its merits solely on the basis of who likes it. Teen girls love it, ergo it must be junk.

Esther: If Stephenie Meyer attended Comic-Con, there would be a huge presence. I can name at least 50 young ladies from my school who’d want to fly over to San Diego to meet her. They “stalked” Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyers equally. Personally, I enjoyed Twilight. I enjoyed the enthusiasm for the books way more than the books themselves. I loved it when I couldn’t get one of my 8th graders to shut up until I finally read Eclipse, and that this year I didn’t have any copies of Twilight on the shelf until the end of May. Some of these girls can pick out details that I probably never processed. So Kate, I’ll have to concur, the people posting just don’t see how involved these fans do get into the details of the story. They choose to close their eyes, because it’s inconveniencing them and the fandoms they want to concentrate on.

Robin: Frankly, I find it bizarre that these classic comics fans, many of whom could teach a course on Silver Age comics and all the permutations of, say, the X-Men, completely dismiss fans being exactly the same way about what is undoubtedly female-driven literature: supernatural romance. I’m particularly intrigued by the comment about Dan Brown—whatever I may think of the quality of any of these books, why is it fine to dismiss the legions of fans these tales have?

Lori Henderson: Until now, there hasn’t been a reaction to girls like this at SDCC that I’ve seen in the last 20 some years that I’ve been going. If anything, girls had been welcomed. SDCC is so big now that these reactions to Twilight and its fans are downright discriminatory. Has it always been this way and I just never noticed? Or have attitudes toward women in comics changed in the last 10 years?

It’s been brought up that Marvel and especially DC have a misogynistic view of women, and objectify them more than try to appeal to them, so is this reaction a reflection of the companies’ portrayals of women, or have the companies just been portraying women as their fans see them and we’re only just now see the true face of comic fandom?

These men need to change their attitude toward women, and that change should start at the comic companies that perpetuate them. They need to stop portraying women as objects and start as real people with real lives.

Kate: Now that Yen Press has announced that it will be publishing a Twilight manga, I’m fearing a second backlash against young female con-goers, since there are still a core group of tights-and-capes fans who dismiss manga as “comix for chicks.” Tom Crippen’s recent post at The Hooded Utilitarian exemplifies what I’m talking about:
I don’t get manga. I look at a page and want to look away. Reason: the stylization of figures appears to me to be highly uniform, and it’s not a particular stylization I like. Solid black hair, googly eyes, the kids who look like adults, the adults who look like kids, etc. The look turns me off. Further, its kindergarten feel makes it hard for me to believe worthwhile stories could be told using this stylization, or at least told to their advantage… Because my aversion to manga is so sharp and immediate, I have never given the comics a chance… I should have asked straight out: What am I missing? … Point one: the googly eyes, etc., belong to just one style of manga. The girls’ stuff, apparently. There are lots more out there.

Once again, girls’ taste is being called into question: how could they like something so divorced from reality that it has a “kindergarten feel” that’s ill-suited to “worthwhile stories”? This unwillingness to try and understand why manga—or, for that matter, Twilight—appeals to girls is maddening. I respect Crippen’s right to dislike this particular approach to storytelling, but it’s frustrating to read blanket dismissals of the medium that are couched in sexist, condescending language like this.

Sabrina Fritz: I have read all of the Twilight books, and I thought that while they weren’t the worst thing that I’ve ever read, they also weren’t the best, and I don’t think they necessarily deserve the fanbase that they’ve garnered. That said, I’ll give the manga a try with an open mind and see how it turns out.

Esther: This vehemence against manga and pigeon holing the format as something that’s just for girls is ridiculous. Yes, the guys who come to my library love super hero comics, but they also read manga. They like the manga oriented to them. Naruto, Bleach, SGT Frog, Dragon Eye, Hoshin Engin, Hikaru No Go….. Oh and BTW, I had plenty of guys borrowing Twilight this year. This gives me hope. The young men I work with will be a lot more accepting and respectful to women and their tastes than the men who are supposedly their role models.

Robin: I agree, Lori, that the change needs to come from within—from both the publishers and the fans. When I was last at Comic-Con, I attended a lovely dinner with a few women but mostly men, and at one point the conversation turned to why we women had pretty much stopped reading superhero comics and were now more drawn to manga. The gentlemen at the table, all great guys and fans and not at all the type that would spew bile aimed at girls, nonetheless were completely puzzled as to why women would be so bothered by the way female superheroes are drawn (not the writing, but the pin-up style art that is prevalent). I had a tough time explaining it at the time, but the next morning I came up with the right switch that got them thinking: what if we took Batman, dressed him up in a thong, and sent him out to fight crime, all the while featuring many panels of him lounging around in his bedroom or talking on the phone in a tiny towel. When I mentioned this to a few of my (straight) male comics fan friends, their reaction was very much a look of horror and an exclamation of, “I don’t want to see that!” My response was “…And so you see my point.”

Esther, I think you make a good point—that a lot of the current fans, the teenagers themselves, do not have even remotely the same baggage as many adult fans do, nor are they even aware of the various schisms. My teens all read everything, but by and large they read more manga (guys and girls both) than Western comics at this point. Everything is much more cross-media and cross-gender to my teens, and they are far less worried about who reads what than my generation was/is. I too had a lot of guys checking out Twilight, sometimes just to understand why all the girls were so ablaze, and, as one teen guy put it, “Vampires and werewolves. They fight. That’s cool.” As these guys grow up (and I hope this is true of some of the younger fans in their 20s and 30s that have also embraced manga and indie comics), they’re likely going to scratch their heads in confusion about such hullaballoos.

Lori: Twilight doesn’t need the “manga style” to get an audience, but a graphic novel in the manga format will fit perfectly in the YA book section next to the Twilight novels. Format isn’t really the issue with these commenters though. Manga haters are going to hate manga no matter what the subject it, and comic fans are going to hate a graphic Twilight no matter the format, or even if Alex Ross did the art. The problem is the attitude toward teen girls and women who want to enjoy comics without the objectification.

Eva Volin: The librarian half of my brain wants to sit the fanboys down and explain to them about the birds and the bees, about brain development, and the statistics on reading patterns and buying habits of girls vs. boys. To remind them that teenage girls have expendable incomes, too, and ask if they’d really rather the girls spend that money somewhere else, like at a chain bookstore, or Hot Topic, or on eBay. Or at the booths in the dealers rooms where they sell cell phone charms of Naruto characters or the twins from Ouran High School Host Club. The librarian half of my brain wants to reason with people who would rather stomp their feet than get with the program and embrace this new generation of fan—a generation who, if encouraged, could save the comics industry.

But the fact that this argument has surfaced again, and that the comments have been so sarcastic and hateful, tells me that rational thought is not welcome here. And the fangirl half of my brain is pissed. How dare you tell me that Twilight fans aren’t “normal people,” you, who counted with pride the number of times you saw Star Wars? Posts and comments like these tell me that, even after being a comic book reader and fan for twenty-five years, I’m still not welcome. They tell me that I should expect to have my favorite books looked down upon. That the books I enjoy are too “kindergarten” and too obviously for girls to be worth a second look. That because I have two X chromosomes I need to have sequential art explained to me in small words and if I’m in a comic book shop it must be because I’m there to buy books for my son or nephew. And to all of that I say, “Bite. Me.”

I’m going to SDCC. I’m going to line up to see the panels I’m interested in. I’m going to cheer for the artists whose work I enjoy. I’m going to ask questions and get autographs and maybe even do a little cosplaying. And I’m going to spend money at booths that have the merchandise I’m interested in. Lots of money. And if you don’t want my business, don’t worry. Call it women’s intuition, but I’ll be able to tell. And I’ll remember. And I’ll take my business, as well as my nieces’ and their friends’ business, to someone else’s booth.

Robin Brenner is teen librarian at the Brookline Public Library and a former Eisner judge and Eisner nominee; Kate Dacey is a grad student and manga blogger; Lori Henderson is a manga blogger and the mother of two pre-teen girls; Esther Keller is a school media specialist in Brooklyn, NY; Eva Volin is the supervising children’s librarian for the Alameda Free Library in Alameda, CA, and a former Eisner judge; Sabrina Fritz is a 16-year-old manga blogger.

no hate

from the examiner:
Quileute Days celebration goes very well, tribe not angered at 'Twilight'
As reported earlier today, the Quileute Days celebration held by the Quileute Nation this weekend went very well, drawing in record attendance thanks to both Twilight and one of its actors, Solomon Trimble.

When we first learned about the Quileute Days event, the invitation read "The Quileute Tribe extends a cordial welcome to all to join them for their celebration of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle."
That cordial welcome was a promise made good upon at this event.
According to the Pennsylvania Daily News, "'We are honored to have you into our home,' said Sonny Woodruff, who organized the dance with tribal vice chairwoman Bonita Cleveland." Since Quileute Days is an annual celebration, the increased attendance at this year's celebration will only help the Quileute Nation to organize next year's event.
That said, one response piece that has come out today has been rather surprising, and quite obviously miscontrued.
The Daily Star reported that there were conflicting opinions from the Quileute Nation as to whether their recognition from the Twilight series books and films is a positive thing for the tribe. The article states that a Quileute Nation member stated that "Our heritage could be destroyed by an influx of outsiders and a tourism explosion."
In response, the Quileute Nation's representative has stated that "It appears they have taken enormous liberties to previous quotes and spun them according to their interpretation." Continues the representative for the Quileute Nation, "How unfortunate that in an effort to bottom feed on any news Twilight related they are discrediting the beautiful tribe of Quileute."
It is not news that the Quileute Nation has endured uncertainty in the face the sudden notoriety.
In the New York Post earlier this month, the issue was discussed in a more legitimate light. Said the NY Post,
"There are mixed feelings," says tribal council member Anna Rose Counsell. Over the last three months, the tribe has struggled over what to do. "This is a phenomenon that is happening whether we like it or not."
At the tribe-owned Oceanside Resort, director Renee Rux says business is up 30 percent, thanks to "Twilight." "It's been huge for us," Rux says. The resort recently partnered with a charter boat company to offer "Twilight" tour packages for $250.
At the moment, the shop stocks few "Twilight" souvenirs, including hand-knit hats emblazoned with "Bella," "Jacob" and "Edward." Another holds $8 bottles of sand, labeled "Jacob's Treasure."
Rux, a non-native, retrained the staff to reach out to visitors. "That's the paradigm shift," she says. "People [now] want that experience of being with the Quileute."
Hospitality is an ingrained part of their culture, but elders are worried about building a tourist economy. They fret about how their creation story is portrayed in the book. The tribe says they were changed from wolves to humans by a traveler. Meyer took literary liberty, enabling them to change back at will in an eternal battle against vampires.
"This is our opportunity to educate people on Quileute history," Counsell says.
Thus, the moral of the story is that, while there is some inner conflict to be had necessarily as a result of this new arrangement, the story presented by the Daily Star stretches and exaggerates the nature of the circumstances.
The Quileute Nation's tribal chairwoman said, about the event's attendants, "'I'd say [there were] about 2,000,'... adding that the popularity of Twilight books and moviebrings 'a whole new crowd' to LaPush."
It is clear that the Quileute Nation, while still making arrangements and decisions about the current events, is very appreciative and respectful of Twilight fans and views the circumstances as an opportunity to educate newly interested people as to the true nature of their history and lovely culture.

aczone high

mike welch in a musical ad campaign for aczone (acne gel) to watch aczone the musical read more...


you must have done something really good over the weekend, kaycob, cuz today seems to be your day...

from this

source: NMM

to this

source: hisgoldeneyes

boy's got some good moves! what do you think of the new official image?

taylor will be in malibu on the 24th! also, some pictures of him on a "date" with a 21-yr old girl from taylorlaunterdaily...

seducing human prey

from wwd:
Noot Seear is no stranger to playing a vamp, at least where fashion folk are concerned. The 25-year-old Canadian catwalker has spent the last 12 years strutting down runways for the likes of Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, displaying the kind of chiseled cheekbones and perfect pout that could lure any unsuspecting fellow.

This fall, she’ll get to show off a more literal take on her man-eating side when she makes her film debut in “New Moon,” the much-anticipated second installment in the “Twilight” series, which hits theaters Nov. 20. Seear tackles the role of Heidi, a member of an elite group of vampires known as the Volturi. Her special talent is — what else? — seducing human prey.

But looks that could kill were only part of the job description, according to “New Moon” director Chris Weitz.

“We wanted someone who had an unearthly and unlikely beauty, but could also convey humor and menace,” explains Weitz, who reportedly also considered AnnaLynne McCord of “90210” before eventually settling on Seear. “It’s rare to find a stunningly attractive person who also happens to have the ability to act.”

Certainly Seear has the first part of the equation down. Discovered by a scout at 13, the model (born Renata Seear) left her native Vancouver for New York City, where she booked the Calvin Klein show within a week.

“And that was it. I wasn’t going back to Canada,” she recalls.

Twelve years later, Seear has a solid portfolio full of high-profile gigs, including print ads for Chanel and Pantene Pro-V. And while she’s probably most recognizable for posing as Mona Lisa in a 1998 Yves Saint Laurent campaign, Seear is by no means a household name. “I have this representation where they’ve never overexposed me,” she says.

Seear plans to bring that same measured approach to acting. “I’ve always been biting at the bit to get into this industry,” says the model, who has trained with famed acting coach Alan Savage for the past few years and has already had bit parts on Canadian TV shows. “Alan was always like, ‘Be patient, you’ve only got one shot at this,’” she says. (It doesn’t hurt that Seear’s New York agency, One Model Management, has helped the likes of Devon Aoki make similar career switches.)

But when the opportunity to be part of the “Twilight” juggernaut came about, she knew it was her time. “I started reading the books, and I couldn’t put them down,” she says.

She admits she was worried her modeling years would hinder her acting chops. “I was really scared because you’re not allowed to look in the camera [when filming a movie], but in the modeling world, you’re supposed to,” recalls Seear, whose problem was solved by the heavy-duty violet contacts she had to wear on-screen. “I literally couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me. They would tell me, ‘Look at Kristen [Stewart],’ and I was like, ‘OK. Where is she?’”

Seear is as excited about the film’s debut as the franchise’s cult fans. She’s already picked out her dress for the premiere (Balmain) and is anxiously awaiting her upcoming Heidi action figure.

And the model, who’s already signed up for two more “Twilight” installments, shows no signs of slowing down. “Modeling was great to me. I made a lot of money doing it,” says Seear, who plans to move to Los Angeles later this year to focus on acting. “[But] what makes acting different is that you get a voice. You’re not just a picture.”

all that jazz

from TA:
The Pace All-Stars became the Jazz Worlds 2009 Champions with a little help from Twilight. Check out this incredible dance number done to themes, music and words from Twilight


new radio interview with xavier samuel (riley)!

nikki & paris

which paris? after these images came out of nikki reed...

the pregnancy rumors started to spread...but now...from ONTD:
Acording to the source, Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis (Paris Hilton's ex) are dating.
Here's the translation: "His last relationship is the most serious he ever had. The young American actress has completely stolen his heart and they have been together for 6 months now. He claims to be madly in love with her, and has introduced her to his parents and will adapt his schedule according to the actresses schedule. In August she filming for her new movie so they will stay in Greece until the end of July and will return together in LA. Paris wants to stay with her and encourage her and because he can't stay away from her."



david slade, eclipse director, has joined twitter ( and posted this link to his tumblr: read more...