Saturday, May 23, 2009


since you recently met some young twilight fans, this is for you, omiomy!

from robert pattinson unlimited:

In an attempt to bridge their world and ours, we recently enlisted Naddaf (27)
to reach out to a group of 11- and 12-year-old Pattinson diehards. They kindly
took her call during a sleepover.
read interview here.

weapon of mass seduction

random acts of rob has these HILARIOUS pictures of rob and his "weapon of mass seduction"...LOL!!!

Is that what I think it is snaking down his leg...*DEAD* Click on the pic for the super ginormous control ++++ version.

PLEASE click here for the rest!

rob pic spam

Lion & Lamb Love has an "avalanche" of candid pics of rob in cannes...enjoy!

also, here is a funny fan encounter from laineys friend, laura. read more...

lords of chaos

jacksons new movie from LLL:

Hot Japanese director Sion Sono is set to make his English-language debut with
Lords Of Chaos, about Norway’s black metal music scene, which has Twilight’s
Jackson Rathbone lined up to star.

Based on Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind’s book of the same name, the film depicts true events and revolves around the black metal sub-culture that spawned a wave of murders and Church arsons across Norway in the early 1990s.

Rathbone will play the lead role of The Count, often referred to as Norway’s Charles Manson, who brutally stabbed a black metal musician to death in 1993.

more on this at screendaily & rolling stone . cutie picture above RT @TwilightLexicon The boys are hanging at the bar! (via @jericholeilani). read more...

le grand journal

finally an english subtitled version of rob on le grand journal...he mentions arsenal and clive handjob again =)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Hana Pestle - Need (Need for New Moon)

What do you guys think?

This girl name Hana Pestle is trying to get this song into New Moon.
I gotta say, if this song was playing during the break-up scene...tears...


I dont believe her! haha

'90210' Star AnnaLynne McCord Explains Why She Passed On 'New Moon'
'I really just needed a break,' says the avowed 'true-blood 'Twilight' fan.'

Back in February, when the cast of "New Moon" was very much in flux, there were reports that "90210" star AnnaLynne McCord might be joining the cast. And at the time she was both very eager to join Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and also deep in negotiations.

"We are in negotiations," she said of her talks with "New Moon" filmmaker Chris Weitz and his team. "It's definitely something I would love to do; as most people know, I am obsessed with vampires. I'm a true-blood 'Twilight' fan all the way. ... There's some scheduling conflicts, and we're trying to work that out now," she explained. "We'll see what happens with it, but hopefully — fingers crossed — it'll smooth over and we'll be able to work it out."

But cut to May, and McCord will not be appearing in the film. It turns out that in the process of negotiating a part in the film, she eventually made the decision to drop out. "There was scheduling conflicts and I really just needed a break," she told MTV News on Thursday. "I worked two years, I came straight off 'Nip/Tuck' and on to '90210' and it's wonderful to work, but I needed some R&R."

McCord, who described herself as a "hard-core" fan of the series, said that although she decided to pass on "New Moon," that doesn't mean she didn't want to do the film.

"I was [upset] 'cause I really love the film, all of them, the books and everything and I have a lot of friends on the movies," she said. "But in the end, I got to go to Europe for two months ... so I can't say that I'm too pissed."

Thursday, May 21, 2009


rpattz daily has lainey talking about rob on the red carpet:

We were exchanging stories about psycho stalker exes when Robert Pattinson sauntered in – as I tweeted last night – looking like a boy on top of the world. It’s been a triumphant first festival for him, especially since it’s not like he has a film entry. But Cannes is about the full court pimp. And Pattinson has solidified his new super celebrity status as Summit successfully maneuvered their golden boy through Cannes this week culminating on the carpet last night at Inglourious Bastards where he received a very, very enthusiastic welcome. Some girl collapsed, fell to her knees, when his image was beamed up on the big screen. She was young though. Forgiveable. Thankfully no twi-hard adult lunatics, at least in my vicinity, decided to embarrass themselves.
and this video from paul allen's yacht party...

Arrives @ 1:40 and leaves @ 3:58...paps fall TWICE! read more...


from TCA:
My crushypoo Alex Meraz was at Haviana's and Details Magazine party the other night. See all pics at AlexMerazFan. need to start your own fan blog =P

edit from kaycob: im speechless. how does he do that? i mean, where do the balls go? kim meraz is the luckiest girl in the world...and possibly the most satisfied...i mean, he's bendy and flexible and fit *fainting* read more...

$55k kisses

eonline reports:

Robert Pattinson gives good lip service.

Kisses from the man himself were just auctioned off for oodles of money at the Cannes Film Festival.

R.Patzz was a guest at tonight's über-chic amfAR benefit, sitting at a table with Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (yes, Rob was in a D&G tux) and French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld.

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein joked from the stage that his daughters changed their last name to Pattison after they saw Twilight. "Harvey then suggested auctioning off an opportunity for someone's daughter to meet and get a kiss on the cheek from Pattinson," a fellow partygoer says. "There were two bidders who paid
20,000 euros each for their daughters to have that kiss."

In U.S. cash, that's about $55,000!

"Harvey put him on the spot, in a playful way," my source says. "And Rob agreed to it in his usual brooding, modest way."

P.S.: The winning bidders were not the parents of Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed.

Also at the annual AIDS benefit were former prez Bill Clinton, Sharon Stone, Josh Hartnett, Elizabeth Hurley and professional partyers Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt.
how much would you pay? more pictures here.

UPDATE: video and more pictures at robert pattinson online


monkey man

before i do a pic spam of more rob in cannes pictures, here's a few of kellan looking sexy from twifans...

more here and here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

little details

pictures of alice's yellow porsche in italy at twifans! yay!!! good job chris weitz for getting this little detail right! =) read more...

have you been working out?!

video interview...WATCH...

i dont need to say anything...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it just keeps getting better

dont forget to breathe...glorious...

and stop giggling to yourself...thats my job =P how does he take it? they sound sorta like pigeons...

i f'in LVOE him!!!


sparkles not needed

i LOVE these photos of rob (pronounced rah-bear in french) at the cannes photocall on zimbio. also check out the full interview with the risky biz (hollywood reporter) on robert pattinson umlimited.
THR: What’s the schedule for “New Moon”?

Pattinson: We’ve got four days left on the shoot for this. I’m going to Italy for the remaining days of the shoot.

THR: And then?

Pattinson: Then I’m going straight into filming (the relationship drama) "Remember Me,” then have just three days off before going back to finishing up the third instalment in the “Twilight” series, “Eclipse.” After that I am doing a film “Unbound Captives.” I can’t say much about that but I know the script needs me to learn Comanche! Maybe it’ll be like in “Dances With Wolves!” My part is entirely in Comanche, ha ha.

THR: What’s the script about?

Pattinson: I read somewhere it was being described as the modern day “Love Story.” It isn’t anything like “Love Story.” It (“Remember Me”) is really hard to describe. It about a 23-year-old guy and knowing someone for six weeks. You don’t just fall in love and say, I’m in love, after six weeks. It’s really a relationship story. It’s very natural and the characters are incredibly real and well scripted. It’s one of the few scripts I’ve read where you finish and realize you didn’t really want it to end. I have no qualms in saying that (writer) Jenny (Lumet) is a genius.

holy hair

nylon magazine has outtakes from jacksons photoshoot and hes also in the video below (playing piano). some of you might recognize kyle gallner as cassidy from veronica mars <3 in the video too! or jon foster from life as we know it, which nobody watched but was SO good. read more...


who likes this one better? LOL

fan manip by ana_br from twicrack

Monday, May 18, 2009

leak leak

here it is ladies! based on NMM:

The Washington Times accidentally uploaded the official New Moon poster story early, prematurely revealing the first official poster for New Moon that was scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow morning in the print edition and at 7am EST

The page has since been taken down, but is still freely available in the Google cache. However, the full size version isn’t available as far as I can tell–luckily Spunk-Ransom nabbed it while the story was still up.

what do you think?!?!?!
EDIT: untagged picture from twifans

Nikki Reed Tells Kristen Stewart: "I Guess I Should Look for a New Job"

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Twilight's Nikki Reed may be back in L.A., but she's missing her New Moon castmates, who are still filming in Canada.

"It's really nice to work with your friends," she said at T-Mobile's Sidekick LX launch party last night. "When I left and I was done, I said to Kristen [Stewart], 'I guess I should go back to L.A. and look for a new job and have a life.' "

One recent event she missed out on? Rob Pattinson's birthday dinner party Wednesday night, where he was joined by his parents and Kristen.

Although she wasn't there in person, she still made a point to reach out to the birthday boy...

"I called him yesterday and wished him a happy birthday!" she tells E! News.

So how about all those Twilight hookup rumors? (Rob's been linked to both Nikki and Kristen; just check out Awful Truth to find out all the details.)

"I'm not gonna go there!" Nikki dodged. Interesting; she's not denying anything, and Awful Truth knows there's certainly more to this story . We'll all stay Twilight tuned...


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robsessed gives us more about rob's role in unbound captives:

The film is based on a screenplay by Madeline Stowe. She was originally slated to star in the project. Variety described the film:

She [Stowe] would have played a woman (now to be played by Weisz) whose husband is killed and her two children kidnapped by a Comanche war party in 1859. She is rescued by a frontiersman, to be played by Jackman. Pattinson will play the son.

Please keep in mind that we do not have official confirmation from anyone on Rob’s team that he has signed officially for the project. Variety does tend to be accurate, however, and Hugh Jackman was asked about Rob playing the role and seemed to confirm it as well. Once again, this article is based on information from the original script. Details, names, and plot points can change substantially during the pre-production and filming process. And since we do not wish to spoil the movie, we’re keeping this to some pretty basic information at this time, and limiting the information to Rob’s character only. Well, with the disclaimers out of the way, let’s take a short look at Robert Pattinson’s role in “The Unbound Captives”.

*The character is shown first at age 10, then again at approximately 17
*As indicated in information published on the internet, Phineas was kidnapped as a child and assimilated in a Comanche tribe.
*Phineas (all descriptions here are of the character at age 17) is described as having long hair and pierced ears, presumably in the 19th-century Comanche style.
*Virtually all of his lines are in Comanche.
*The character’s Comanche name is Tsomo, which means “bead”.
*Yes, he rides a horse…bareback. He rides quite a bit, actually.
*Although the character does have a few flirtatious scenes, this is not a romantic-type role.
* The older Phineas is in the latter parts of the script, perhaps the last third. It is definitely a supporting role.
* Our source describes the character like this: “Phineas is pretty fierce. He’s been raised as a warrior. He can be silent and standoffish, but he can throw a bit of a fit, too.”

That’s a pretty basic character breakdown. Our source felt that the role was definitely a different one for Rob and would be physical, challenging and complex.

hot or not? thoughts on rob switching sides and becoming an indian?
EDIT: saw on robert pattinson unlimited that filming will be filmed in new mexico and new zealand with a $90 million budget! ashok amritraj will be the producer and the movie will be released at the end of 2010.

girl has good taste

i usually wouldnt post something like this...but its been a slow news weekend and this just happened to catch my is ashely at lax...not only does she have excellent taste in men...but apparently in music too...i do like me some low vs diamond...lvd for short...