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breaking the story about breaking dawn

Oh man, RENESMEE is a-comin'! the heck are they gonna pull this off??? I sure hope the wedding and honeymoon scene doesn't disappoint !

According to E!Online, source Breaking Dawn is a go-go.
After Robert Pattinson confirmed he was signed on for the fourth Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn, back in Cannes, we've all been dying for more juicy deets on the hypersexualized film. (More on exactly how much naughtier the flick will be, next week.)

Yes, we know we're getting overeager since the script for the third flick, Eclipse, which starts shooting Aug. 17, hasn't even been finished yet.

"I haven't seen a page," exclaimed Ashley Greene, who's heading back up to Vancouver to shoot the third Twi flick this summer.

Even though we're getting a tad ahead of ourselves, we tried to pry any dirt out of Ashley and Billy Burke last weekend on what's in store for the final movie.

"All I know is that, as of now, I only signed on to do three," B.B. told us. Coyly played Billy. Maybe he's just trying to keep all Twi dirt on the down-low, or it could be that the secondary castmembers haven't started negotiations. Rob and Kristen Stewart are locked in (after so much drama you have no idea--but you're not interested in that, right?), so that's all that matters.

But Breaking Dawn isn't exactly as far away as you all would think.

"We're going to start right after Eclipse," says Ash.

That doesn't come as surprise to us, as we exclusively told you how Summit would be pumping out this franchise as fast as possible to avoid any "bumps" in the road.

So will we see any repeat directors for the fourth film?

"I don't think so," says Ms. Greene. "[Eclipse director] David [Slade] and [New Moon director] Chris [Weitz] will both be busy in postproduction, and Catherine [Hardwicke] will be doing Hamlet."

Well, like we said in last week's Truth, Lies, & Ted, there's no friggin' way Catherine would be back even if it was possible! Despite all the success and money C.H. brought Summit, insiders insist she's so crazy she wouldn't get the gig if Robsten themselves demanded it.

And as much as everyone adored Chris, that's not going to happen because of "scheduling conflicts," we're told.

rpattz and kstew in lvoe?????

Its 4th of July Weekend!!!

Fireworks are going off everywhere and that may also include fireworks between RPattz and KStew...apparently hot celebrities need love too:/

According to E!Online, these crazy kids have crazy plans! source

Happy early Fourth of July you all! This weekend couldn't come fast enough--and it seems we here at the A.T. aren't the only ones who feel that way. While we're gearing up to take off on an early holiday, it seems that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are prepping themselves for a nice break, too

A refresher for those of you not so up-and-up with every detail of Rob and Kristen's life (or if you've been buried in Twilight books trying to catch up on the hottest trend of the moment): Pattz has spent the last month in New York City filming Remember Me while his lovah K.Stew has been shooting The Runaways here in L.A. And whether the two have spent time together since is still most suspect.

So is an Independence Day rendezvous in the works for our favorite on and offscreen couple?

Quite possibly!

Just got confirmation Rob will have about four days off from shooting this weekend (we should hope so) while Kristen is also expected to get a couple of days off from playing Joan Jett.

So is there a chance the two are going to hook up? Oh, that's right, forgot. Twi-hards detest the word "hookup" being used with Robsten. Never mind. Meant to say: majestically and magnificently come together. How's that?

Regardless, no news is actually good news 'round here, folks. Both their whereabouts are being kept super-hush-hush, including any travel plans either one might have. Sound familiar? Last time Robsten was kept on the down-low they had a fab time together, so let's hope the same happens this weekend.

As much as we want the paps to track down these two sought-after stars so we get some pics of how Rob and Kris spend their holiday (together, hopefully), we also want R & K to get a friggin' break! So that's where we stand.

That said, so be on the lookout for some fireworks going on between the Twi costars, but don't expect to see it. Either way, we'll keep you updated post-July 4 on all the good dirt.



here's two new jackson pictures from ifelthope (which btw i think is an AWESOME website name):

hat. hot.

omeomy: oh hope...hope is all we have. yes, the hat is hot. lucky damn hat. read more...

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worlds collide

our worlds collide again, here is a video from sytycd last night:

the song is called 'eyes on fire' by blue foundation, also on the twilight soundtrack! read more...

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i was going to leave these until tonight to post like the last couple nights...but i couldnt wait...

source: robsessed
heehee...


taylor at a dodger game monday from radaronline and how he's becoming a hunk from the examiner:
How Twilight's Taylor Lautner became a teen sex symbol for both girls and women

The new "Team Jacob" book cover for the New Moon trade paperback coming out September 15th was recently released, and with it came a flurry of gasps. The cover features Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan being embraced by Taylor Lautner, who plays the young werewolf Jacob Black. Lautner is shirtless, and his work in the gym is obvious. Across the internet, teens are expressing their undying love for the actor, which is not unusual. What is unusual is the way many adult women are swooning over young Lautner. At only 17, Lautner has become a sort of one-of-a-kind teen sex symbol for female Twilight fans of all ages.

It is not difficult to list teen starlets who are considered sexy by men of all ages. Think underwear-clad Britney Spears on the cover of Rolling Stones, dripping wet Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair, or Hayden Panettiere in her cheerleader outfit on Heroes. All over the internet, "countdown clocks" tick away until underaged actresses turn 18. 14 year old models are presented as fantasies for men three times their age. Girls are sexualized at younger and younger ages, and no one seems to bat an eye. It is just considered normal for teen girls to look like sexy adults.

The same is not true for teen boys. Perhaps because boys don't mature physically as soon as girls, it is harder to turn teen boys into pseudo-adults. On television, teen boys are usually played by men in their twenties, rather than the other way around. There are plenty of young stars, like the Jonas Brothers, who are followed by legions of teen fangirls, but part of their appeal is that they do NOT look like grown men. They are desirable precisely because they do not seem adult, making them safe for young girls just growing into their sexuality. While teen girls are routinely turned into fantasies for adult men on purpose, the opposite is just not true of teen boys.

But Twilight is different. The fanbase for Twilight was created long before the movies were even imagined, and those fans span generations of girls and women. Devotion to characters like Jacob Black and Edward Cullen formed with no ideas about who would play them in the movies. The actors in the movie had a rabid fan base in the beginning simply because of the characters they play. While most moms only care about the Jonas Brothers in order to get concert tickets for their daughters, adult women enjoy the Twilight books for themselves, and many women already felt a strong connection with Jacob Black; Taylor Lautner was the beneficiary of that devotion.
When Lautner bulked up physically for his more significant role in New Moon, the second movie, that fan devotion turned into a kind of lust, one that left many women disconcerted. On discussion boards for adults like and, women expressed their mixed feelings about the newly sexy Lautner. Said commenter DancingQueen on, "Lord have mercy for I have SINNED! That is one hot kid right there!" 4ever17 agreed: "I Am SO going to hell He's younger than my baby boy for cryin' out loud!!" Their feelings are echoed in forums across the web.

Lautner's co-star, Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen, has a far more rabid fan base, but Pattinson is in his early twenties, and few women feel bad lusting after him. The only other comparable phenomenon that had both teen and adult fans lusting after the lead is the movie Titanic in 1997, but star Leonardo DiCaprio was also in his early twenties at the time. This leaves Lautner in the unique position as a teen sex symbol for women of all ages. Go Team Jacob (I think...)!

social life cookies

from NMM:
New Moon hunk Kellan Lutz will be hosting a special event on July 4th in Watermill, NY for Social Life Magazine. It’s a sneak preview of the July issue of the magazine for which Kellan is the cover boy.

The fancy-sounding event will take place at the Social Life Estate from 7pm to 10pm on Independence day–I’ll be knee deep in fireworks, hot dogs and adult beverages at my own party by then I hope!

vampire crying

source: gossip girls

from celebuzz:
Kristen Stewart has been letting the tears roll on the set of The Runaways. And no, it isn’t because of her mullet.

Turns out Joan Jett herself has been causing Kristen to burst into tears.
tca also makes a funny comment on how kristen and dakota look more like vampires in the runaways than the cullens in twilight =P click to read the rest of the article!

New York Daily News reports that Joan gave Kristen a hard time last week while trying to improve Kristen’s portrayal of her.

"Joan just wants Kristen to play an authentic version of herself, so she needled her a little bit too much. But she apologized when she realized how upset Kristen got,” said an insider.

Where’s Robert Pattinson to protect K-Stew when she needs him?

Kristen should be grateful that Joan Jett herself has been on set coaching her on how to perfect her character. If she wants to succeed in Hollywood, she might need to toughen up and learn how to accept criticism.

But apparently there are no hard feelings. “They’re like mother and daughter now,” said an insider.

bikini wow

here it is, and it doesnt disappoint!



source: robsessed
just cuz i love this picture <3

here's another with his sister in remember me...

source: robsessed

so simple, yet so hot

i'll leave you with these pictures tonight...goodnight!

people are talking about the white shirt...but look at that booty...more at robsessed

ciggies and bikes

boy cant ride a bike...they should know sure can smoke a ciggie though...more pix of him in central park (with kids!) courtesy of robsessed read more...


aceshowbiz is reporting two new members in the cast of the of them being alia shawkat, better known as maeby from arrested development! read the article here. read more...

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socialite life has pictures of jamie campbell bower at the public enemies premier:

sun-burned much? isnt he suppose to be a vampire? =) also, im pretty jealous that he was there...lucky kid...first johnny depp, then rpattz, and now hes in harry potter too...good for him!

click here for a video interview from digital spy read more...

boyfriend #2

ok fine...something for team

Find more videos like this on Twifans
link

who have YOU been loving?

Edward playing his favorite Bobby Long song, 'Who Have You Been Loving?'
from twitter: BobbyLongNews Saw Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen was amazing. Wanted to give a shout out to Edward at , x

pretty cool!

peter live

this is a live stream from 4-7pm!


From: UPS Quantum View
Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 12:09 PM
Subject: UPS Ship Notification
To: jocose

This message was sent to you at the request of Fred Flare to notify you that the electronic shipment information below has been transmitted to UPS. The physical package(s) may or may not have actually been tendered to UPS for shipment. To verify the actual transit status of your shipment, click on the tracking link below or contact Fred Flare directly.

Important Delivery Information

Scheduled Delivery: 06-July-2009

Shipment Detail
Number of Packages 1
Weight: 3.0 LBS

what's that? what's that? that's right ladies, it's Exhibit A!!!

yeavill: omg! i can't wait! i'm going to wear it everyday this summer...and melt!

goodnight again

trying out this sleeping earlier thing...again, i'll leave you with this!

more happy rob leaving the remember me set at robertpattinsonwho read more...

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boxer briefs

source: robsessed
zoom in after the jump!

kaycob: umm can i also point out how delicate and perfectly manicured his hand is??
jocose: bed? yes.


sake bombs

ashley on a date in LA at katsuya with a mystery man on wednesday:

source: gossip girl

as they come out of the restaurant there's a car accident, watch the video at tmz. read more...

miss independent

If you are a Twilight fan you know that in New Moon Bella puts herself in a lot of life threatening situations so she can her Edwards voice in her head. Well one of the coolest parts of the book is when Bella dives off a cliff. It seems that this scene will be in the movie but Kirsten Stewart will not be jumping off the cliff in real life. Kirsten has verified that the cliff jump will be done by a CGI Bella.

“I get to almost jump, and then no. I’m not going to do the cliff-diving, unfortunately. I have to hand it off to some computerized Bella.”

Kirsten also said that she wanted to computerized Bella to look like her so she had a head scan done.

“I went to do a head-scan the other day and it had to be my ‘determined’ look,” she laughs. “They were like, ‘You’re just about to jump, so [pretend] like you’re about to scream or something.’”
from twifans, click below for more robsten



from lainey:
This is Jackson in New York at the WordTheatre Pushcart Press benefit reading from prize-winning story "The Bank Robbery" by Steve Schutzman. Jackson then also performed with his band at the afterparty.

What was that? A loin explosion?

I don’t blame you.
video of jackson's clear skin after the break!


captain hoodie


karaoke kellan

here's a video kellan on hollywood 411...and read an interview with him by tigerbeatmag about the twilight cast singing karaoke, after the jump!

TWILIGHT’s Kellan Lutz: A Karaoke MASTER?!

OMG! This is going to have all you Twilight fans squealing with delight. Tiger Beat and BOP recently got to have an EXCLUSIVE interview Kellan Lutz! Kellan plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight saga films and he let us in on a secret: while filming New Moon his costars and he would sing a LOT of karaoke! “I don’t try and sing,” he shared, “I don’t have a bad voice. I usually make a fool out of myself. So it’s really whatever.”

Q: Now certain movies you guys did a lot of stuff off set too, um, but even on set, I know some other casts play golf together, table tennis competitions. Did you guys do anything of that sort on the set of New Moon?

A: Uh, we really didn’t have anything as far as being in L.A., we know our stomping grounds, so when we shoot here, we all have our favorite places like Big Z’s or Barney’s Beanery, where we can go play Wii and hang out. But a lot of times we just would find a local karaoke bars or dive bars where Jackson or Rob could play and just kind of mellow out there or we’ll just buy games and just bring games up to our hotel room and all just get together, and you know, play games together.

Q: Karaoke though, that’s pretty interesting. What is your karaoke song?

A: I don’t try and sing. I don’t have a bad voice. I usually make a fool out of myself. So it’s really whatever. I like it when my friends randomly pick a song. I’m not so knowledgeable with who sings what. I don’t know, music is not really my forte. I enjoy listening to it, but lyrics and learning lyrics or who sings what, that’s not me. So, so yeah, it kinda just happens. Pick songs Britney Spears, sometimes it’s Justin Timberlake and I just have fun.

Q: Who in the cast would you say is the karaoke champion?

A: Well, see, that’s a tough choice right there cause Peter and Edi, they have a lot of musical background but they also have fun and they rock out. But if it’s who has the best voice, then it’s Rob and Jackson. So, you know Rob knows a lot of types of music, but mainly in a certain genre-same with Jackson. Whereas, you could tell with Peter, Edi to go sing a country song and they’d jump up there and throw on a little accent and get crazy with it.

outtake nation

ashley from nylon

see more at twifans

kellan and cam from max

see more at LLL

bikini babe



im going to go to bed early tonight since i have an 830am meeting >=/ but i'll leave you with this!

2 more at robsessed...goodnight! =)

omeomy: he's thinking about the girls of OASD.

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here are a couple pictures of ashley and taylor at the vision awards from NMM (click to see more)

radaronline also has an exclusive video interview with ashley greene, christian serratos, billy burke and his hot wife!


source: twilightlexicon

enter to win the chair back here.

thats what she said

source: twifans

100 monkeys will be performing in LA at the mint aug 5th and the viper room aug 6th! read more...


lion & lamb love has outtakes from elizabeth reasers vogue shoot...

wow...she looks SO good!!! =)

omeomy: mama. rob should get a piece of that!
jocose: right? that's what im saying...if i can't have him...she'll do =)


twilight lexicon has signed pictures from rob, taylor, and kristen...

lol...look at those scribbles...

hunting rpattz

new age amazon has a hilarious post about capturing your own personal rpattz!
A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Trapping (RPatz)



In order to capture an RPatz, you will need the appropriate bait. Consider using the following:

* Cupcakes
* Film scripts better than those for Twilight (shouldn't be hard to find)
* marijuana (only where legal)
* a sign that says "No Twilight Fans Allowed."'

Place your bait of choice under a box which has been propped up with a stick with a string tied around it. If cartoon logic proves right (and when has it not, really?), you should be able to pull the string and trap your new RPatz under the box. If he complains, tell him that you are doing this for his own good because you really, really love him. That should calm him down. Otherwise, try petting his stomach. It works on alligators.
full post after the break...

A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Trapping (RPatz)

So, for those of you who haven't heard, Robert Pattinson was hit by a car while being chased by rabid fans. He wasn't hit very hard, but this raises an important point.

Girls today have no idea how to trap and then care for an RPatz.

This is no simple matter! In my day, girls were expected to be able to trap an RPatz by the age of 13. There were RPatz trapping Girl Scout badges. You could buy RPatz trapping kits in stores. Honestly, have we really moved so far into the computer age that the simple pleasure of trapping RPatzes has been lost to us?

That is why I feel it is time for me to present to you:

A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Trapping (RPatz)



In order to capture an RPatz, you will need the appropriate bait. Consider using the following:

  • Cupcakes
  • Film scripts better than those for Twilight (shouldn't be hard to find)
  • marijuana (only where legal)
  • a sign that says "No Twilight Fans Allowed."'

Place your bait of choice under a box which has been propped up with a stick with a string tied around it. If cartoon logic proves right (and when has it not, really?), you should be able to pull the string and trap your new RPatz under the box. If he complains, tell him that you are doing this for his own good because you really, really love him. That should calm him down. Otherwise, try petting his stomach. It works on alligators.



  • WARNING: YOUR RPATZ CANNOT LIVE ON A STEADY DIET OF DEER OR WILDCAT BLOOD. While the cover art may appear pretty, Twilight is NOT an accurate guide to keeping an RPatz. Only trust official guides such as this one or the one written in 1996 by Geena Davis.
  • Since your RPatz is British, you may be inclined to feed him British food. I assure you, it would be much kinder to put a bullet in his brain and then violate his corpse.
  • Feed your RPatz bacon. Why? Because it's bacon.


  • Bathing your RPatz will be a chore. He will likely show a great aversion to water or, in fact, any kind of personal hygiene.
  • If you experience too much trouble in this regard, strip him down and spray him with a hose. You are encouraged to take pictures of this event and share them with the internet.


  • If your RPatz grows too talkative, you can utilize a Russel Brand to interrupt him.
  • Your RPatz may attempt to run away. If so, do not chase him into traffic. Instead, making a calming noise to lure him back. I suggest "I've got something shiny!" Or "MTV Films is bankrupt so Eclipse and Breaking Dawn won't be made."
  • In general, never underestimate the effect that even a PICTURE of Stephenie Meyer can have on your new RPatz.


  • You can make your RPatz talk with simple commands such as "ACT!" or "EMOTE!" (Please note: these techniques do NOT work on Kristen Stewarts and should not be attempted. Trying to get a Kristen Stewart to emote is like teaching a cat to do tricks: you might succeed but is it really worth it?)
  • Your RPatz may also be trained to roll over, beg, fetch and stand completely still looking very, very lost.

If all goes well, you should have your own well-trained RPatz in no time. If it doesn't go well, you'll have to dispose of the corpse. But that's a lesson for another time, isn't it?