Friday, May 15, 2009


twifans posted this 100 monkeys video for slow down, but go directly to the official 100 monkeys site for a better version.

THREE ripe yellow bananas for you kaycob!

who wants to be his sidekick?

socialite life has picture of alex with q'orianka kilcher at the t-mobile sidekick lx launch party:



from NMM:

According to an Italian blog, the body double for Robert Pattinson in the
Italian scenes of New Moon has been chosen, and it’s Alan Cappelli.

i do like italian...italy anyone?


twilight examiner, amanda bell, posted an interview with the author of wide awake. read the full article here.

what really struck me was one of the comments:
revrag says:

This interview was great. AG has a way with words. Because I have entirely too much time on my hands I also read through the comments. Most are not surprising or far off the mark when speaking praise for AG and that WA is the best fanfic. I did come across one specific comment that struck a nerve with me. While I respect the opinion of most anyone, I have to completely disagree with IsabellaCullen's comment, "The author aims at realism, but if half of the many, over the top, pyschological situations were real, the characters would be instituitionalized." My reply (this may take awhile and bring up a can of worms...see unicorn thread if you don't believe me):
 I've lived through a home invasion. I have a seriously mentally ill mother. I grew up in foster homes and group homes. When I was little, on more than one occasion, my own mother tried to kill me. No joke. As a teenager, one of my trusted guardians sexually molested me. I've lived through the death of my beloved sister. I've survived the suicide of my brother. I'm currently living through an henious situation where my 15-year-old neighbor made a horrific choice and as a result I had to stomach watching my 2-year-old daughter endure a rape exam. Not fun stuff. Unfortunately, I could go on, but that's enough "over the top" situations. 
My point is, I have never been instituitionalized, ever. While these physchological situations definitely warrant help and nuturing, they can be overcome without resulting in "forced" help. I live a normal, happy life. I have a wonderful husband and beautiful children who deserve all of me. They have it, all the time, not because I was forced into therapy (which I did have after my sister's death) but because of the choices I make daily. I have chosen not to allow the choices of others, or the actions of others to entirely and ultimately influence who I am or who I want to become. 
So, in short, these characters could be real and functioning. A blanket statement noting that all people with these sorts of problems should be instituitionalized is ignorant and poorly thought out at best.  
Everyone has problems, it's called life. There's something going on in each of our lives that someone else may deem impossible or messed up. I've heard once that if a group of people were given the option of placing all their troubles and heartache on a table in front of them (as if in a neat little pile) and step back and look objectively at all the troubles that accumulated on said table, after being told to pick which pile they wanted to take and endure, each person would choose their own pile. Why? Because it's familiar? Perhaps. Because seeing what others have to endure is just as messed up, if not more so than their own crap? Maybe.  
There's a lot "over the top, pyschological situations" people are dealing with all around us, all the time. It not new, or even surprising. However, an instituition is not practical in a lot of these situations, if it were there would be one on every corner in every neighborhood. We would all be committed. Period.

April 13, 12:00 PM
that was if only everyone we knew would travel through life with this mentality...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

still hot...

as expected, a variety of sites covered rob's bday yesterday! here's what celebuzz had to say:
Our favorite Vampire turned 23 yesterday, and now we've got all the pictures from his dinner celebration!

After 12 long hours on the New Moon set, Robert Pattinson headed back to his hotel at 6 p.m. Around 9 p.m., the birthday boy headed out to his favorite Vancouver drinking and dining spot, The Global Grill And Satay.

Entering through the back door with good buddy Sam Bradley, the boys made their way to their table, where they were joined shortly after by Kristen StewartAshley GreeneJamie Bower, Rob's parents, and other cast mates and friends. 

The party noshed on platters of meat, including roast chicken, lamb ribs, and skewered meats, and their drinks of choice. Rob was gracious to all fans who approached him, and called it a night with his friends around 1 a.m.

It looks like Rob had a blast. If anyone deserves it, it's him!
more pictures/articles at gossip girls, entertainment wise, and robpattznews.


Bobby Long speaks!

Thanks to the Twilight Sister Hood, we get a little more knowledge on the wonderful Bobby. This one's for you Ohmiohmy.

Clickmusic TV sat down with Bobby Long before he embarks on his next tour of America and appearance at TwiCon in Dallas. Ever the humble guy, he fidgets a bit while talking about himself, but that's one of the most endearing things about him. For those of us that were privileged enough to see him on his mini-U.S. tour in April, there is a pleasant flashback as he performs The Bounty of Mary Jane. For those that haven't seen him yet...RUN, DO NOT WALK to get tickets for this summer's shows! He mentions he'll be working on an album once he returns home, so that makes this blogger a very happy woman.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

seattle > france

saw over on twicrackaddict that alex meraz will be at Creation Entertainment's Twilight Convention in SEATTLE (January 15-17, 2010).

i mentioned this already last night...but...can we PLEASE go?! please?


happy birthday Rob!!!

back into your bday suit...kinda...haha

happy bday, rob!

happy bday, rob! we lvoe you!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is Jackson's answer. The fan asked "If you were on a deserted island and could take any cast member, who would you take and why?" He responds at the beginning which I cut off a bit saying "I will tell you the truth if you promise not to ask why." Then he pauses and says all seductively... "Ashley." The main point is that he blushes like crazy!
from twifans

Taking the plunge.

My exposure to the Twilight Saga thus far is probably not that dissimilar from other people whose significant others have become engrossed in the series. First, I saw the movie. I can't say I was forced to watch it; being a fan of vampire movies in general, I had resisted prior to that because of the teen-mania that seemed to surround the movie. After finally seeing it, I was treated to summaries of the last three books by Yeacob who was making her way through them at the time. This helped answer some of the questions the movie left me with and piqued my curiosity just enough that I've been flirting with the idea of reading the books for a couple months.

Last week, I finally caved. I did what I could never have imagined doing the first time I saw t-shirts with Edward on them at the local Hot Topic: I went out and purchased the first book of the Twilight series. Today I'm starting it.


Monday, May 11, 2009

he sparkles & sizzles

rob #1 on usatoday celebrity heat index list:
Robert Pattinson is hotter than Brad Pitt this week.

After a steady rise, the 22-year-old Twilightstar has hit No. 1 on USA TODAY's Celebrity Heat Index, which measures media exposure. Pattinson is only half of the centerpiece cover image on the current issue of OK! and made No. 1 only on's list of top stories, but he makes enough appearances in other outlets (TV, online and print) to put him ahead of the pack for the first time.
Kristin was #3. Full article here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

bye bye lvoe

splash news has PICTURES of rob leaving lax this afternoon =(

more pictures at robert pattinson unlimited:

heehee...he is so f'in hot...i wonder if that guy has any idea who he is...

france again

twifans addresses why robert is going to france:

Just got word that The Summer House is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival!!! The film will be shown at the Short Film Corner on Thursday, May 14th and Friday, May 15. Now we just wait and see if Robert shows up like the rumors have been saying!!

sam and bobby

who is ready for Tues?

so close, yet so far

rob is in LA! here he is yesterday leaving the remember me studio in venice:

click for more at planet rob and another picture from popsugar, here with friend, shannon woodward, this afternoon. HQ pictures at robert pattinson unlimited:


some kstudder love

kstew is #18 on empire's 20 Stars Who Weren't Even Born When Empire Started list.

As Empire celebrates our 20th birthday, we look back at the movie stars who have not only started their careers since our debut, but who weren't even born when our first issue hit the shelves. It's either depressing or inspring, we're not sure which...

Kristen Stewart

You know her from: Panic Room, Into The Wild, Twilight.

Why's she good? She's a good indie actress, having made her name in a succession of incredibly hip films from Panic Room to Undertow to the upcoming Adventureland, via occasional bigger outings in Zathura, Jumper and of course Twilight.

Will she have an adult career? Twilight will keep her busy for a few years to come, and the fact that she's lined up a turn as Joan Jett next suggests that she's anxious to keep mixing it up. Assuming she doesn't get bored with the business and give up, we expect to see her around for years to come.
thanks to lion & lamb love for the tip.

edit: just went through the list and dakota fanning is #3 and taylor lautner is #5 read more...

anyone have a 14 yr old cousin?

saw this over at twilight gossip:
According to the KISS FM website located in Austin Texas, the full length trailer for New Moon will be premiering before the movie Band Slam which is due out August 14, 2009!
who am i probably see it without the cousin... =X

f lainey

"Local tabloid gossip queen, Lainey, twittered the exact location for where the party was happening. Even making multiple posts to make sure the message was seen as much as possible. Her reasons are not entirely known, but the group down there all had their own overwhelming hunches, which point to the fact she didnt have anyone there to shoot for her (ironic she posted this shortly after her pap went home for the night) & she wanted to create a scene where dozens of people were there to take exclusivity away from any shots that did come out of there. It was a low, underhanded & classless move, which really hurts the cast & crew more than the photogs that were around.

In a move of defensive maneuvering not generally seen by a small group of fans (which was now up to about 12-15 after the twitter posts) we grouped together & knowingly posted false departures of the cast. None of us liked doing it, but it was far far better than the alternative, which was 40+ people showing up. In just 5-10 minutes of her original post, 2 fans had shown up & in 30 mins 5-6 had. Luckily, it never got past that point & for that, I thank those down on the scene who banded together with myself to post eroneous reports to immobilize Laineys plan to cause chaos & problems. Luckily it worked. Sorry to those who were misguided by it, nothing personal against YOU, it is more that a sizable group causes problems & it was teetering on that edge already within a short timespan of the twitter posts."
full article at twifans and more pictures herehere, and here.

vancity allie also reported seeing cast members leave with think manuscripts. the eclipse script maybe?

not exactly twilight

Brian: this vampire movie looks less addicting than twilight: link
jocose: damn...that looks pretty good
Brian: and I doubt there's a lot of fan fiction, either...that's what vampire movies are supposed to be! action packed thrillers, then you go home


still hitting that...

saw this article over at spout blog:

10 Surprisingly Good Portrayals of Iconic Figures

Many critics will no doubt rip apart Robert Pattinson’s performance as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes this weekend, but the truth is that it’s a surprisingly good portrayal of the artist. That is to say that given our expectations, combined with Pattinson’s own celebrity, added to the fact that anyone would look ridiculous sporting Dali’s signature mustache (even Dali), the Twilight actor does as well in the role as is possible. Is the performance Oscar-worthy? Certainly not, but it is deserving of some level of praise.

Pattinson’s Dali follows a long tradition of surprisingly good portrayals of iconic figures. Movie stars are constantly cast as famous persons they barely resemble, and often it’s difficult to shake off our identification with the player in order to accept him/her as the depicted individual. Some of these performances are better than others, and most have been honored by the Academy, but each actor and actress listed below either initially seemed like a wrong choice for the respective part or he/she was at least understood to be taking on a difficult task in attempting to portray such a familiar personality.

see the list of 10 here.

also, don't forget to wear your dali moustache when we go watch on tuesday like these folks shown on mtv movies blog: