Monday, June 22, 2009

handcuffs ready

to fuel the rumor mill...from twifans:
Speculation begins on the reason for Taylor Lautner being at the CFDA Awards in New York....

I know many will remember these pictures of Taylor looking all sorts of grown in this spectacular Calvin Klein suit. Well, has started asking why exactly he was even at this show in the first place. The article reads...

"Something that we didn't pick up on when Taylor Lautner graced the CFDA Awards in New York, but Elizabeth Snead of the LA Times did. First of all, Taylor Lautner was at the awards which was kind of odd. Second, he was wearing Calvin Klein. Snead points out that when celebrities wear a designer's clothes to an event that usually implies a "fashion relationship."

So are we going to be seeing Taylor modeling for Calvin Klein soon? Can you imagine a Calvin Klein underwear campaign with the newly buff Taylor Lautner? Yummy.
mmmhum...he may not be in 4th grade anymore, but if this is true yall will be going to jail in no time...

kaycob: oh shittttt get me out of the country now!!!!

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