Monday, June 22, 2009

c train

betty confidential has this to say about rob:
Robert Pattinson is Single and Rides the Subway

The Twilight hottie is spotted all over NYC, including on the C Train
-Kelly Will
more of these pictures at twifans and read the rest of the article after the break!

Robert Pattinson is in New York working on his latest film, Remember Me. Over the next 4 months, the 23 year-old heartthrob will be using the city as his home base. He's been spotted all over the city, enjoying beers at NYU hangout, Bowery Bar, with Eva Mendes, walking through the Lower East Side in sunglasses and flannels and even riding the subway.

Last week the hunk was caught by one of my spies hopping on the C train at the Spring Street station in SoHo, which is conveniently close to his hotel. This week he was spotted riding the train again uptown, likely to his GQ cover shoot on Monday. It's nice to learn that a man who could command giant gas-guzzling and pimped out SUV's chooses to go with the down-to-earth subway option instead.

My eyewitness says, "Rob is almost better looking in person, he's tall and very thin, always in skinny jeans and a t-shirt or flannel tossed over it. No one seems to notice him on the subway; he just blends into the crowds. He doesn't wear a hat or even sunglasses on the train."

Is he dating Kristin Stewart, the Bella to his Edward? My Twilight source tells me that he's still single, girls! "Rob is having a good time and he and Kristin are good friends. They've got a special connection thanks to all the Twilight movies, but it's nothing serious. Rob is single."

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