Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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spoiled pretty asks -
Robert Pattinson: Is His Hotness In The Hair?

Robert Pattinson is famous, first, for his breakout role in the movie Twilight. Second, he's known for his matted mane.

This hirsute heartthrob incites riots. 10-year-olds beg to be bitten. And crazed fans flock him, resulting in run-ins with New York City cabs.

Just when discussion of Zac Efron's carefully constructed coiff hit a fever pitch, talk of Rob's tousled, borderline ratnesty do monopolized the conversation. Much of the articles written about Robert reference his signature style, which begs the question: Is Robert Pattinson's hotness in his hair?

With the help of Daily Makeover's Makover Studio, I've photoshopped some other celebrity hairstyles onto Rob's noggin. You decide...hot or not?
see the hilarious results after the break!

Robert with Benicio Del Toro's hair.

Robert with Donald Trump's hair.

Robert with Ed Westwick's hair.

Robert with Zac Efron's hair.

Robert with Jay Manuel's hair.

Robert with Mario Lopez's hair.

Robert with James Marsden's hair.

Robert with Spencer Pratt's hair.

Robert with George Clooney's hair.

Robert with Dracula's hair.

Robert with Kristen Stewart's hair.


  1. It must be in the hair, yes. He looks pretty bad in all of these.

    I wonder if you'd like to turn this whole thing around and put Pattison's hair on George, Zac, Arnold and Kristen. Whatever celebs you'd like. That would be great.

    It's very very funny
    Kristen's hair XD L.O.L.

  3. Wow, this is so weird haha.
    Ed's hair looks pretty good though.