Monday, July 13, 2009

which one...

picture of nikki reed (who?) in an august issue of vanity fair from LLL and an interview with her from a french magazine, one, from twifans:
What do you know about the filming of Eclispe?

It will be directed by David Slade, who directed Hard Candy. I already meet him and we discussed the changes of my character. I think he'll do really good. I find it interesting that each movie will be filmed by a different director, because they each have an original approache. I can't wait to work with David.
where has she been? i heard london? hmmm? and i really cant tell which one she is in the picture

Did you always agree with the directors choice for your character?

To be honest I had a couple of moments where I was scared. There were times were I disagreed with what they said. And not only with what concerns Rosalie. We were all very concerned when they questioned whether or not Taylor would be replaced. Kristen and me were in Africa when we found out he would keep his role. I'm very proud of him. We can say that he really fought for his role. The saga wouldn't have been the same without him.

Kristen and you became very close on Twilight. Is that still the case?

Yes, we became best friends. Well, we were both fans of each other when we meet. I loved her work on other movies. It's funny because in Twilight our characters are not really friends, but it's the exact opposite in real life. We went on a vacation together. We're both going to play in K-11, a movie about a prison in which we play two gay men. Kristen and me have the same taste in movies. I consider her like my sister.

And what about your "relationship" with Robert?

I'm flattered that people think I'm the girlfriend of a very handsome man like him, but that isn't the case in reality. We're just friends. I can't do anything to stop the rumors, and I'm certainly not the only person which people think Rob is dating...

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