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examiner on twicrack

from examiner:
Q & A with a Twilight Blogger: TwiCrack Addict
TwiCrack Addict writes and maintains one of the most popular Twilight blogs on the Internet, Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict. Famous with fans of all ages for both her just-breaking news on the Twilight Saga and its cast, as well as her witty writing style, TwiCrack Addict provides a healthy dose of humor with every blog post.

Q. Because it needs to be asked: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
A. Team Edward -- no pups for me.

Q. OK, now that that's out of the way, on the rest of the questions. What is your favorite moment(s) in the Twilight series?
A. I’m not sure that this is my absolute favorite, but it's definitely one that gives me goosebumps -- I love it when after weeks of avoiding Bella, Edward shocks her by suddenly appearing at her side in the school parking lot and saving her keys from the puddle in Twilight. After ignoring her for such a long time, it's the beginning of Edward's capitulation and "giving up" resisting his feelings for Bella.
Q. What is your favorite book in the Twilight Saga and why?
A. Midnight Sun -- You really get a sense of just how conflicted, complicated and deep Edward's love for Bella truly is. Sigh.

Q. If you could ask any question of Stephenie Meyer, what would it be?
A. Would you ever consider writing the story of how Carlisle and Esme fell in love? Their love seem like it might be fraught with conflict too -- How did Esme feel about being turned into a vampire? Did she ever resent Carlisle's decision to turn her? How quickly was she able to fall in love with Carlisle? After Midnight Sun, that is the story that I most want to devour.

Q. Of all of the vampire abilities, which would you like to possess and why?
A. If I had to choose one, I'd go with their strength and resistance to harm. I would not want their ability to hear better, read minds, see the future, etc. There are some things we're not really meant to know.

Q. Name three words that describe you.
A. Quirky. Intelligent. Goofy.

Q. What inspired you to create your own Twilight site?
A. None of my friends are Twilight fans, and I needed an outlet for my obsession. Also, my rate of TwiCrack consumption sometimes exceeded what was being put out there by fansites, so I just started blogging news that I wasn't seeing elsewhere.

Q. What advice do you have for those who want to create their own Twilight site/blog?
A. Do it for yourself, and don't worry about pleasing others. Post things that make you happy, and if others want to come along for the ride, then that's great.

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a Twilight fan over the age of 13?
A. Pros: As a happily adjusted adult, I can appreciate Twilight for the fun fantasy that Edward and Bella's love represents. If I was 13 and fell in love with Edward Cullen, the ideal ultimate boyfriend, before having my first real-life romance, I might find high school boys and their sloppy kissing forever disappointing. Edward Cullen is a tough act to follow, you know? Also, being a more mature fan, Twilight has allowed me to re-live with fondness those first feelings of love and longing that you experience as a teen -- and bring that renewed energy into my strong relationship with my loving husband, who I appreciate very much.
Moreover, as big of a fan as I am of the series, I might have mixed feelings about my own daughter reading Twilight at a young age without the context of the real world. You know that I'm the ultimate TwiCrack Addict, but sometimes I don't always agree with the decisions that Bella makes.
While it's great that Bella finds a guy who respects her and doesn't want to get in her pants, she gives up going to freakin' Dartmouth and plans to forsake her life and her family for a man. Perhaps I'm simplifying Bella's decision, but giving up a college education for a dude is not what I'd want my daughter to accept for herself. So, I think it's important for the youngest Twilight fans to balance their absorption of Twilight with other experiences and exposure to many different types of heroines.

Cons: Twilight tends to be dismissed as a series for younger folks or 'fluff', and I'm personally not interested in defending my love of Twilight to others. Consequently, I feel real-world pressure to keep my obsession to myself, because I don't want to be judged by my co-workers.

Q. Do you feel that the advertising campaign for the Twilight books and films adequately represents the older fan-base? Why or why not?
While Twilight film marketing focuses on Twilight's core teen fan base and attracting atypical audiences (e.g. boys) and doesn't pander to mature fans, these campaigns don't necessarily alienate the older-fan base either. At its core, Twilight is geared for a younger crowd, and it just happens to have appeal to older fans as well.

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