Saturday, May 2, 2009

devoted yet?

interview with sam bradley over at american indie:

Sitting in the living room of a well-appointed town home in the Nashville suburbs, we talk about everything from the Internet and social media to his music, his favorite film and his most memorable meal. Sam's sense of humor is evident even when approaching more serious topics, often starting with a well placed wisecrack before settling into his point.

With the face of a fallen angel, Sam is intense, open, and slightly mischievous; an appealing combination which seems to draw people in effortlessly and keeps them there. You become one of the devoted without even realizing that you have. He chooses his answers carefully, but when he speaks, he is cultured and clever, clear and direct. Relaxed into an overstuffed chair, Sam fields every question honestly and gracefully while expertly deflecting cheeky remarks from Bobby, who is listening in from the adjacent dining room where he sits in front of Sam's open MacBook.

full article here

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

[Etta James'] At Um...Left to Lie... no - Dead and Done by Bobby Long. That's not my official answer. My official answer is Fourteen Times by Marcus Foster [from across the room, Bobby shouts, "you bastard!"] No, I'm joking. I would never have any of my friends play at my funeral, because they'd be dead first. I would have no songs at my funeral, just dead silence. That's my official answer.