Monday, April 27, 2009

Love is in the Air

New love looks like this:

What a little gentleman holding out his arm like that to cradle her hand! <3 jailbait!

Old love looks like this:

Awww just kidding, look how adorable they are!

And of course, eternal love looks like a disheveled hairy skinny hobo with lovely hands. I mean, seriously...look at those fingers!


  1. so what are they being called? taylena? they are quite cute together =)

  2. agreed.
    i honestly thought that was a rumor.

  3. yes, they are cute together...taylena..haha..good one. though i think kaycob and taylor would make just as cute a couple. ;)

  4. sure sure...all cute and sunshine and warmth until i go to JAIL