Friday, June 19, 2009


from OK! magazine:
Kissing Robert Pattinson

While Emilie de Ravin made about eleventy billion girls jealous today by filming a kissing scene with Robert Pattinson for Remember Me, who can forget that hot clinch R-Pattz filmed with Kristen Stewart for New Moon in Italy?

We asked fans via our Twitter page a few smooch-related questions, the first being, "What would you do or give to switch places with Emilie?"
btw: rob in shorts?!?!

no no, no no. which kissing scene is hotter?? Come on now! the kissing scene in my head with Rob is soo much hotter. it should be filmed. U bitches got nothing on that! hahahaha i'm officially an Alcatraz Insane Asylum Outpatient.

Our findings? Most fans would give anything and everything to be in a lip-lock with their favorite vampire. Here are a few of your most creative responses:

No sleep til R-Pattz, says AudreyMadison: "However much i had to pay, its worth it. I would give up my clothes my electronics my bed and everything else."

Get a job, suggests Chococat: "I wish I could be her stunt double and I would work for free!"

Bye bye, Twitter, hello Rob, promises "I'd give up Twitter for a day. That's asking A LOT."

Okay so which kissing scene was hotter? Not really a difficult question for most Twi-hards to answer, as the overwhelming response was in favor of K-Stew and Rob's New Moon smooch fest. It is Bella and Edward, after all!

No competition for twilightus: "NOT EVEN CLOSE! Believe me on this one Rob & Kristen/Edward & Bella!!!!!"

It's all about science, says jkennedy80: "Rob kissing Kristen is much hotter, they have great chemistry !"

Onscreen passion is real for traceeDF: "The New Moon scene is way hotter! The passion between the 2 is real."

Case closed.

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