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New Moon Dude on Robsten: "I Feel For Them"
There are so many friggin' rumors circling our dear Robsten, we can barely keep track of them. Some are just absolutely ridiculous, like Kristen Stewart with a bun in her incredibly flat oven. Please! If you're just making up crap outta thin air, at least make it interesting! We dished with K.Stew's onscreen pops, Billy Burke, at the Angels & Aces Poker party at the Playboy Mansion, and he gave us the inside scoop on all these nasty rumors, which he's more than happy to not be a part of:

So Kristen was reportedly pregnant, which we cleared up and showed to be totally false.

Rob is probably pregnant with my child. It's funny no one picked up on me and Rob's affair.
more robsten videos and an analysis of robs body language while doing kissing scenes with kristen vs emilie from a twilight kiss after the jump!

Do you wish you were more involved in rumors like your younger costars?

I don't feel left out at all. They can keep me out of those rumors as much as they want.

How do you think Rob's handling all this attention? He seems stressed out on the set of his new movie, Remember Me... Think R.Pattz would ever get totally fed up with it and quit acting altogether?

You mean pulling a Joaquin Phoenix? I doubt he would go that route. He's got a lot of talent. He's got his art, as opposed to being bogged down by all this bulls--t. I think he's handling it well. I feel a little bit for [Rob and Kristen]. I think [the attention] was unexpected by both of them.

Do you sometimes feel like a spokesperson for Rob, Kristen and the other castmembers' personal lives?

Some people do ask, but they know the answer they're gonna get: I don't know anything.

OK then, how will the next few Twilight films be different?

Haven't seen a script yet, have no idea what's going on. Nobody's seen a script yet.

Twi fans want more sex and violence with their beloved vamps. Blame True Blood. Think any of the upcoming movies will ever be R-rated?

I doubt it. I doubt they'll go that far. Stephanie [Meyer]'s books are what they are, and to go beyond that is gonna be a misconception of what the actual text is.

We know Robsten & Co. are hotter than the Harry Potter kids, but will the boy wizard beat out New Moon at the box office?

We took their release spot the last couple years, and we're taking their summer release spot next year. I don't get into competition. I just want the movies to be good.

What if there's a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover? How much would that make?

What do you mean, that they meet? Harry battles Edward? I doubt it. That would be a complete bastardization of what's going on!

Hey, ya never know with H'wood—there are not one, but two hit movies based on '80s robot toys. It's definitely a possibility!

The Body Language of Robert Pattinson While Kissing Kristen Stewart and Emilie de Ravin
THE LAYING OF HANDS As of 10 July 2009, Robert Pattinson and Remember Me leading lady Emilie de Ravin have had two kissing scenes. One was during a night shoot, wherein the Twilight hunk cannot even open his hand for a simple gentle hold on the upper arm of Emilie de Ravin

During the other Remember Me kissing scene on a beach, Robert Pattinson also cannot put his hand in a simple gentle hold on the waist of Emilie de Ravin

Robert Pattinson has no problem putting his hands on his New Moon leading lady Kristen Stewart even after the cameras have stopped rolling.

THE LAYING OF LIPS This has to be one of the most awkward kissing scenes that I have ever witnessed, and, I can only say the best of luck to the Remember Me film editor.

Robert Pattinson has no problem with getting hot and heavy with Kristen Stewart in the infamous Twilight bedroom kissing scene.

Lorna Lopez aka ATwilightKiss Notes

The Importance of Being An Accomplished Liar Kristen Stewart has been quoted to say that Robert Pattinson cannot lie, which, in this case, has proven to be both an advantage and disadvantage, the former in Twilight and the latter in Remember Me

To be a good actor, one must be an accomplished liar when doing one’s work, and, frankly, I am worried that Rob cannot successfully pull off his scenes with Emilie with convincing truth as an actor.

The Allegations of a Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin Hook Up And, the Robsten in me will respond to any allegation of Robert Pattinson being with Emilie de Ravin with a disbelieving arched eyebrow and two words, “Really? Please.”


  1. j'adore Robert pattinson il joue super bien et Kristen stewart est une tres bonne actrice. I enjoy robert pattinson. he plays very good and kristen stewart is a very good acter

  2. . oh my God! !

    >how hot tHey are !

    ~ they Like each other !

    .oh my!

  3. im totally in love with rob and 2 c him n kristen 2 gether kills me inside......:(

  4. wow kristen is 1 lucky devil to have rob to hold her tight i wish them all luck and they make a gr8 couple!!! love rob!!!!! x