Monday, July 20, 2009


old jackson rathbone tv show called beautiful people...cancelled after 16 eps. looks like he's moved on to bigger and better things though! from hollywood crush:

'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone Talks Producing And Starring In New Film 'Girlfriend'
I’m certain there are, oh, an army’s worth of “Twilight” fans out there who’d do almost anything to become Cullen vampire Jackson Rathbone’s girlfriend. Alas, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. But Jasper Hale devotees most certainly will have a shot to see Jackson in a film called “Girlfriend” in the future, as the Texas-born actor revealed to MTV News during a recent conversation.

“I’m actually producing my first film this year called ‘Girlfriend,’” he says. “New director Justin Lerner kind of made a splash at a couple festivals last year with a short film he did.”

Jackson is set to produce the movie along with one of his bandmates from their rock group, 100 Monkeys. A UCLA film school grad, Lerner’s most recent short film, “The Replacement Child,” screened at places like the Telluride Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Windrider Forum during Sundance.

While the 24-year-old didn’t kick us any details about the film’s plot or potential cast, he did talk enthusiastically about the chance both to produce and act in “Girlfriend.” “It’s an exciting time,” he said. “I get to play a part in it and have a little bit more say behind the scenes, behind the camera, which is really interesting. It’s what I’ve always really wanted to get into. I love film. I love the art behind it.”

With his move into producing, the actor is making a bid to become a true Hollywood triple-threat. In addition to roles in films like “Twilight” and the upcoming “The Last Airbender,” Rathbone’s band released an album and several fresh singles earlier this year, and there’s even talk of contributing a single to the “New Moon” soundtrack.

“I wake up everyday and I just thank God I’m alive and get to do this,” Jackson gushes. “It’s incredible.”

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