Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ultimate rob

recently i've felt like this site has become more of a rob fansite than a twilight fansite, because...well, i'm 110% team rob. so, i made a deal with myself to not post any rob-specific posts for...awhile. result: a rob free week and a massive amount of saved links.

i can't take it anymore, so here he is back again, ROBERT PATTINSON!

source: petitbiel

source: youtube

source: twifans
rob's sister with his dog patty!!!

source: youtube
oh god...lips...first coke...

source: youtube
and now smokin'...damn can he pull the look off...

poor rob...transcript at robsessed...

but did you notice tomstu with him? =)

rob and his caffeine...6 things about rob from RAOR...funny!

screenshots from all of robs movies at twifans

amazing post about robs lips at RAOR...MUST READ! click click click!


source: socialitelife
look! he's on the phone with me...=)

source: twitpic

source: daily motion
as much as i love the daily photos, leave him alone...

or at least let him be able to film...f'in paps...

source: socialitelife

source: thinkingofrob w/ lyrics

source: youtube

source: youtube
this honestly...will never get old...never...

source: RAOR
just pure hotness

source: twitpic
is he wearing PINK?

source: twilight indonesia
wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh

source: twitter

loosen up those buttons...

part 2

source: twitpic
just rob looking hot on set...

new moon set visit and 15 things learned about rpattz - click!

source: twitpic
"You have GOT to be fucking KIDDING me right now!" re: pink sleeping bag (click for more)

theme song from true blood...mmm...

same song...different view...this speaks to me in so many different ways...yum...

source: whynotrpattz
is rob a seamstress? click source to read about the infamous vodka shirt!

source: youtube
i just liked this song...=)

source: photobucket
oldie, rob with the twins from HP

source: Robert Pattinson Orland Square Mall Chicago Q&A Pt 1 11-12-08
another oldie, if anything...skip to 7:26 for an O.M.R. does he make something as simple as saying "chicago" sound SO f'in hot?!?!?!

and if you've gotten this's your reward...more outtakes from the US weekly/dossier/rollingstone shoot:

source: robsessed and here tagged
seeing these made me realize i had to get this post out asap. couldn't contain it...its too much...TOO MUCH!!! (obviously click the source for more)

and here's a video of the outtakes from myrobpattinson:

hope you enjoyed that as much as i did...=)

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