Monday, July 27, 2009

top 10

TEN gossip released a list of their top 10 vampires:

These could have been vampires from books, movies or television series.
I chose the latter two, because someone actually plays them, and it gives us someone tangible to base our assessment on.
10.) David:(The Lost Boys): I know, he’s bad..but that’s part of his charm.
The Lost Boys David
9.) Lous de Pointe du Lac:(Interview with the vampire):He tries so hard to be compassionate, but the urges nearly end him.
Lous Interview With A Vampire
8.) Angel:(Buffy and Angel): Sexy. Passionate, deep down a bad A**.
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7.) Blade:(The Blade Trilogy): Daywalker. In a world of fictional vampires that are strictly nocturnal, he is an anomaly and spends his days hunting other vampires, fighting the demons within him.
6.) Selene:(Underworld): She’s gorgeous, fast, can fight like nobody’s business, and takes no BS.
Selene Underworld
5.) Spike: (Buffy): He’s hot, he’s not a good guy (though he has his moments),and Buffy (occasionally) loves him. So, do we.
4.) Bill Compton: (True Blood): Steamy, strong, and very attractive.
Bill True Blood
3.) Stefan:(The Vampire Diaries): One of the new Vampires on the cinematic screen, so hot.
Stefan Vampire Diaries
2.) Damon: (The Vampire Diaries): He’s Stefan’s brother (see number 3), they make them beautiful in a set don’t they? His eyes almost kill me, make me wish to beg him to make me immortal.
Damon The Vampire Diaries
And my number one, as if there was any doubt, is the new kind of vampire, that sparkles in the sun, is impossibly fast, and strong. Beautiful beyond compare.

1.) Edward Cullen:(The Twilight Saga): Now honestly, I would have rather put Jasper Hale here (as portrayed by Jackson Rathbone) but they don’t do poor Jackson any bit of justice in those movies. He is naturally gorgeous! But I digress.
Edward Twilight

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