Tuesday, July 28, 2009

braveheart & control

cute little article from movieline:
Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Play 'My Favorite Scene' with Movieline

Now that the Taylor Lautner-related squealing has subsided at Comic-Con (sorry, Robert Pattinson — your artfully mussed hair is in danger of being eclipsed by a 17-year-old’s ten-pack), I think it’s safe for me to present you with “My Favorite Scene: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Edition!” What movie moments did the two Twilight stars tell Movieline they loved?

Lautner noted that his favorite film is Braveheart, but blushed when he had to relate his favorite clip from it: “It’s like the worst scene, but it’s at the very beginning, when he sees his love die.”

“When he sees his love die!” mocked Stewart.

“That sets up the whole adventure where he’s going to fight for her,” Lautner said. “Just, like, the fire in his eyes when he sees that, and now he’s going on this mission for her…it’s the best.”

Stewart was hard-pressed to pick a favorite scene — mostly because she had too many contenders from the same film.

“My favorite movie right now, because I’ve been watching a lot of band movies, is Control,” she said. “Sam Riley…like, any scene that he’s in, any scene in that movie, he’s incredible. Especially if you’re a fan of Joy Division or know anything about them, he’s astounding.”

Of course, Stewart is currently making her own band movie, The Runaways (and with her Joan Jett haircut and Minor Threat tee, she brought a dose of that rock spirit to Comic-Con). When she watches Riley play Ian Curtis in Control, does she glean anything from it that she can bring to her Runaways biopic?

“Yeah,” she admitted. “It makes me think we’d better do just as well, because they deserve it.” ♦

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