Monday, June 1, 2009

yay friends!

all the mtv stuff yesterday was TOO much for me, so i decided to try to get my mind off of it and try to do something productive...what did i come up with? finally getting to our sam bradley's the recap of our day:

2:00pm - meeting time and everyone is still online and i have yet to shower...

2:50pm - met with omiomy and picked up kaycob, ready to head to LA!

4:00pm - pulled into the hotel cafe parking structure, valet only, so we decide to get something to eat before parking

4:02pm - pulled back into the hotel cafe parking structure because we are 3 women that can't make up our minds, valet parker was not amused

4:15pm - omiomy tries to open the door to the coffeehouse across the street but is unsuccessful, so we move to the next door, closed, then the next...

4:30pm - after moving from the booth to the bar for happy hour, we finally settle down for our first drink of the night at k24!
4:37pm - two appetizers since none of us have eaten the entire day...
4:54pm - round 2

5:34pm - still waiting for yeacob to arrive we get into a heavy...and i mean HEAVY discussion about genetics...the end result? NO POISON
6:35pm - paid the bill and ready to head over to save our spot for the show

6:40pm - waiting at the stoplight and joking that the guy on the other side of the street looks like a skinnier version of sam and wouldn't it be funny if it was him...

6:42pm - it was him

6:43pm - watch him and his friends walk into k24...FAIL

6:44-6:59pm - walk aimlessly around on the street...walk back across the street...walk past k24...

7:04pm - walk back into k24 watch...the bball game...yeah...go cavs! or...something...

7:07pm - check out the hottie at the end of the bar...

7:39pm - spot sam coming out of the bathroom and ask for a photo while he passes our table!
8:52pm - heading to yeacobs office to pick up some sharpies, omiomy too drunk to walk... spidermonkey?

9:39pm - show starts!
9:44pm - sam does an american

9:58pm - anyone know the names of these?
10:03pm - finally...SO good live...and a fun one after...

10:17pm - new song! "even thought of leaving"? and finishing up with his mom!

10:47pm - meet sam outside for another photo and some autographs!
11:18pm - back to the bar for more shots with the hot bartender! and some delish grilled cheese & tomato soup

11:46pm - one more? i love you girls...

12:30am - bartender hands omiomy his number...mmmhum...

1:00am - bar is closed...get out!

1:15am - stop by yeacobs office to pee

1:30am - get pulled over by the cops for an illegal uturn & no license registration...expired insurance card...FML

1:40am - cop gives a warning...thank god!

3:00am - finally home...and work in 5 hours...

what a magical night...turned 2 fails into 3 wins! =) but no wonder im

omiomy: what a great post jocose! that was a fun filled day we had, plus many others... when im old and senile, i will remember our insane times and be happy that i experienced being 15 and crazy at 24 with you gals! haha

kaycob: best. post. ever.

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