Wednesday, June 10, 2009

another reason to hate france

from twifans:

I was talking with my cousin yesterday who lives in Paris, France. She's a huge fan of the books, thanks to me, and the movie. I told her about New Moon and how I could notwait to see it and then she asked me when it was coming out. So I answered November 20th and I heard her laugh. I immediately jumped on the defensive to find out why in the world she was laughing at me. I asked her and she replied that New Moon, the movie, was coming out the 18th in France. Two days before America.
I was so frustrated by this news that I decided to go check the website for UGC (a theatre company in France, like Tinseltown only better known). They already had some movies planned for the whole year! And then on November 18th it clearly read that New Moon, the second movie in the saga was coming out that day.
see the full list of release dates after the jump.

Belgium 18 November 2009
France 18 November 2009
Argentina 19 November 2009
Australia 19 November 2009
New Zealand 19 November 2009
Slovakia 19 November 2009
Brazil 20 November 2009
Canada 20 November 2009
Denmark 20 November 2009
Finland 20 November 2009
Italy 20 November 2009
Mexico 20 November 2009
Norway 20 November 2009
Sweden 20 November 2009
Turkey 20 November 2009
USA 20 November 2009
Czech Republic 26 November 2009
Estonia 27 November 2009
UK 27 November 2009
Russia 3 December 2009
South Korea 10 December 2009
Hong Kong 18 December 2009 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Greece 31 December 2009
Egypt 6 January 2010
Germany 7 January 2010

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