Thursday, February 11, 2010

a good day

i woke up today to a text message telling me that muse has release 3 new b-sides that i can listen to on score. scroll through the e-mails on my blackberry and see that theres new pictures of rob on the set of bel ami from twifans. score. would check those out later. read an apology message from my bf for a semi-fight we had list night with an offer to help me solve the problem. score. finish up reading and deleting email. climb out of my bed to get on my computer. open gmail and go through the same routine. check google buzz and see pete cashmore's face starring back at me on the stream. score. debate whether or not i should wait til work to check out rob. click on the twifans link. wait for it to load. say outloud, really loud, "OH...HOT!" score score score. look around semi-embarrased, but glad no one else was there to witness that. score. i was telling someone recently that i think rob should start doing more "normal" movies, but after seeing these pictures, i don't think i would mind another period piece or two. yum.

get out of the shower and my good friend tells me that he told his gf he loves her for the first time last night and she teared up. love is the best. lets hope this good day continues because there is much to celebrate tonight. sorry for my ranting today. but it's been a good day.

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check out all the pictures here.

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