Monday, June 29, 2009

miss independent

If you are a Twilight fan you know that in New Moon Bella puts herself in a lot of life threatening situations so she can her Edwards voice in her head. Well one of the coolest parts of the book is when Bella dives off a cliff. It seems that this scene will be in the movie but Kirsten Stewart will not be jumping off the cliff in real life. Kirsten has verified that the cliff jump will be done by a CGI Bella.

“I get to almost jump, and then no. I’m not going to do the cliff-diving, unfortunately. I have to hand it off to some computerized Bella.”

Kirsten also said that she wanted to computerized Bella to look like her so she had a head scan done.

“I went to do a head-scan the other day and it had to be my ‘determined’ look,” she laughs. “They were like, ‘You’re just about to jump, so [pretend] like you’re about to scream or something.’”
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